Veronica Phillips, who is ready to give birth in a few weeks wanted to celebrate her pregnancy with a photoshoot, but there was one thing missing – her husband. Veronica’s husband Brandon Phillips is serving in the Air Force and has been overseas which meant that he couldn’t be a part of this important milestone.  

Still, Veronica wanted to capture this important stage of her life and found Jennifer McMahon, a Miami-based photographer. When she shared her story with Jennifer, she was heartbroken and wanted to do something to make her maternity photoshoot special. 

And she sure did!

Using simple yet creative ideas, Jennifer was able to include Brandon in wife’s maternity photos and the results are heartwarming.

Jennifer who runs Jennifer Ariel Photography, told Buzzfeed that she felt heartbroken when she talked to Veronica and to learn how much she’d wanted her husband in the maternity photos.

But after seeing Jennifer’s amazing photoshop skills, Veronica was so happy and couldn’t have asked for more. Jennifer used an old photo of Brandon and merged it with Veronica’s maternity photo wherein it looks like they are next to each other and Brandon is touching his wife’s belly. 

In another photo, Veronica wore Brandon’s military jacket with his name tag on it. For more, head over to Jennifer’s website

(Source: Little Things)