Resident of Philadelphia, Ronald Toby is vintage toy fanatic and has spent 49 years of his life actively collecting them. Toby was extremely fascinated with vintage toys since he was a little boy but started collecting toys at the age of 15. Today his house is filled with toys with nearly 80,000 items and his valuable collection is worth $1.5 million. 

His collection has been praised by many news channels including Philadelphia News in 2011. 

Every room in Toby’s house is filled with toys and each room has a different theme such as sports room, 1940 room, african room, etc. 

Toby explained that collection toys has made him realize that ‘even when you become a man, you’re still a kid inside’.

Toby shared that as a kid he was obsessed with toy stores, so having that his his own house is a dream come true. The 64-year-old sees his toys as more than just toys. They help him stay calm and get through difficult days.

“Whenever I’ve made a bad move or whenever things go wrong, I just go down the basement to the toy store,” he said

“Most collectors have their collections in boxes, put in the basement, put in a garage. They never get a chance to enjoy it.”

So far, Toby has spent over $200,000 on his toy collection but every purchase is worth it to him. For full story, check out the video below. 


(Source: Barcroft)