Two strange Rescued By The Bell -related things happened immediately. The first is that the Saved By The Bell sequel/reboot/revival whatever in fact got good reviews whenever some of us thought it was likely to be shittier than the Unclean Sanchez within Screech’s eyeball-and-nose-destroying sex video tape. The other thing is that the authors of the Stored By The Bell reboot have shown themselves to become obsessors of Selena Gomez’s kidney transplant (that fetish is a new one) due to the fact in one episode, they take it up more than once. And after Selena’s fans threw shit on Peacock, they have apologized.

In 2015, The talanetd selena gomez said during a Billboard job interview that she was identified as having lupus. And because of body organ damage related to lupus, Selena needed a kidney hair transplant. In 2017, she got the kidney through her friend Francia Raisa . Quick forward to now. Variety says that within the sixth episode of the brand new SBTB , the students at Bayside High get their phones removed by the principal and so the children can’t fact-check stuff on the phones. And that comes up inside a fight about Selena’s kidney donor between two learners:

Student #1: Now I know for the fact that Selena Gomez’s kidney donor was Justin Bieber’s mom. God, I desire that I had my mobile phone so I could prove this.

Student #2: Prove what? That you are an idiot? It was Demi Lovato’s kidney. They’re close friends, like you and I were-

Here’s that will scene:

First of all, what within “Bratz toy after hitting up the Judy’s going out of business purchase circa 1989 ” HELL is that girl within the hat wearing? Second of all, basically was a janitor at Bayside and overheard that discussion, my old ass would need to educate those uneducated dum-dums by saying, “ Actually, it was Francia Raisa who gave Selena the kidney and Selena plus Demi aren’t best friends anymore . ” And I wouldn’t need a phone to look that will info up!

I’m guessing that Francia Raisa promised a kidney to the NBC Peacock after which decided at the last minute to provide one to Selena instead due to the fact another Selena Gomez kidney reference point comes up in the episode. Because two football players state words to each other, the background functions the question “ Really does Selena Gomez even have a kidney? ” written within graffiti on a wall.

Selena’s fans got mad and so #RespectSelenaGomez trended on Tweets yesterday. Peacock apologized in the statement to Variety plus their apology came with the promise that they’ll contribute to Selena’s charity:

“We apologize. It was never the intention to make light associated with Selena’s health. We have been touching her team and will be creating a donation to her charity, The particular Selena Gomez Fund for Lupus Research at USC. ”

Selena hasn’t said anything relating to this, but Francia Raisa messaged about how that conspiracy concept graffiti message could be unpleasant to organ donors:

Peacock should also apologize to Selena Gomez for reminding us all that she frequently humped on Justin Bieber. Upon another note, NBC need to keep the apologizing coming simply by apologizing for never performing something right for once by providing us a full album through Hot Sundae:

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Picture: Wenn. com