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Last night This individual Who Must Not Be Named returned from Walt Reed Medical Center, where he has been becoming treated for coronavirus , via helicopter, trundled in the stairs to the White Home balcony, took off his cover up, and stood there huffing and puffing with all the easy grace of Vincent D’Onofrio’s cockroach alien guy from Males in Black.

Patti LuPone took 1 look at that shit, and instantly screamed “Did it better! ” The Broadway tale, who’s made her revulsion for the Orange Clown well known, compared the post-hospital display to the famous picture from Evita , where First Woman of Argentina Eva Perón stands on her balcony, close to death, and addresses the girl adoring public with the ballad, “Don’t Weep for Me, Argentina”. Adoring public? LOL, he or she wishes.

Here is Patti’s fuck you twitter update:

Soon the newly gave term “Covita” was well-known on Twitter (God bless those cunning linguists):

I am still waiting for Patti’s followup tweet to clarify that will Cheeto Face is still not really the most severe Eva Perón she’s ever seen. No, that honor goes to “movie killer” Madonna. Patti iconically known Madge’s performance in the movie version of Evita as  “a piece of shit”, declaring, “she’s dead at the rear of the eyes, she can not act her way out of the paper bag, she must not be in film or onstage. ” Well, replace the pronouns as well as the words, “act”, “film”, plus “onstage” with “lead”, “the White House”, and “allowed to inhale the same air as us”, and msn, bang, boom, you got one more Trump burn. Oops, mentioned his name! Another loonie within the swear jar.

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