Ozzy Osbourne is opening regarding one of his biggest misgivings in life : cheating on their wife, Sharon Osbourne .

The topic came up as element of Ozzy’s interview with  British GQ for their Men of the Season issue, which was published upon Thursday, November 26. And the interview, the  Black Sabbath singer definitely didn’t restrain when it came to showing repentance for some of the things he is done in his past.

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Speaking about their checkered past and some associated with his not-so-great behavior over the board, Ozzy quickly have got to the point where he was talking about his previous infidelities. Opening to the mag, the 71-year-old singer reflected on it all of (below):

“I’ve done some fairly outrageous things in my living. I regret cheating on my spouse. I don’t do it anymore. I acquired my reality check plus I’m lucky she did not leave me. I’m not really proud of that. I was pissed off with myself. Yet I broke her cardiovascular. ”


Forthright and real… and he is definitely right about smashing her heart and screwing some misconception big time for themself .

Since you’ll recall, the Crazy Train singer and his 68-year-old TV host wife quickly split back in 2016, among reports that Ozzy experienced already been having an affair with his hairstylist   Michelle Pugh , as well as other women. Afterwards that year, the few got back together again plus Sharon even publicly forgave Ozzy during an event of her show,   The Talk , before they publicly restored their wedding vows to help re-strengthen their bond.

The British music performer then later revealed inside a separate statement at the time that he’d been struggling with a sexual intercourse addiction plus was seeking treatment. Among all the affair drama in the past, he released the declaration (below):

“I am mortified with what my behavior has been doing to my family. I give thanks to God that my amazing wife is at my part to support me. I’m i am sorry if Ms. Pugh required our sexual relationship from context. I’d also like in order to apologize to the other ladies I have been have sexual human relationships with. Out of bad arrives good. ”

It’s been a lengthy road since that time, of course , however it appears the last four years did the couple good .

And, as an example, it also appears that Sharon is remarkably proud of the girl man with his  British GQ  accomplishment, as you can tell by her happy posts to her personal  Instagram accounts this week:

Awww! That’s so sweet!

Maybe Ozzy has been right in that 2016 declaration, after all! Out of bad really does, indeed, come something great!

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