Madison Bailey has already established a huge weight lifted away from her shoulders!

As we earlier shared , the Outer Banks star recently turned out on TikTok as pansexual and announced her brand new relationship with the world, that was all thanks to the social media application!

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During an Instagram Live chat with fellow actress Lacy Hartselle on Wednesday, the lady opened up about why the lady doesn’ t “ trust in straight people, ” along with sharing the reaction her family members had to her coming out information:

“ I have very recognizing friends, a very accepting family members, an industry that’ s really welcoming and very accepting. Becoming open and honest seems so good! To be so clear, especially in an industry when a large amount of people want to be in my individual life, it’ s good that I can be like ‘ Here’ s my personal living. You can have it. It’ s i9000 fine. ‘”

The 21-year-old furthermore proudly shared that she gets “ zero shame” openly identifying as a member of the LGBTQ+ community:

“ I don’ t feel that way due to the fact nobody’ s ever actually shamed me for it and am know a lot of people have had great deal of hate and lack of assistance. I know so many, countless tales of queer people that failed to have support. But if you’ re asking me personally, that’ s just my experience of it. It was worth it. Personally i think lighter, I feel happier which i can just be so open up and honest. It feels great. ”

Additionally , she hopes other people potentially struggling to open upward about their sexuality follows in her footsteps and become inspired to share their reality:

“ If you’ lso are gay, tell everybody that will you’ re gay. It’ s worth it. I was stating this the other day I was such as, to be honest, I don’ to believe in straight people. They’ re as real because unicorns to me. ”

It was upon May 25 that the Kiara Carrera portrayer shared with the girl 2 . 4 million TikTok followers that she has been pansexual, writing at the beginning of the girl vid:

“ Nobody understands what pansexual means. ”

Madison went on to reveal that she is attracted to  — “ girls, ” “ guys, ” “ trans young boys, ” “ trans young ladies, ” and “ nonbinary” people  just before adding at the end, “ we t’ s what’ s on the inside boo. ”

This week’ s candid chat uses the Netflix star verified her relationship with University of New york at Chapel Hill basketball player  Mariah Linney .

We can’ capital t wait to see and listen to more from Madison later on!!