External Banks   star Chase Stokes is currently in some hot water. Right after insensitive tweets from their past surfaced, the Netflix superstar posted the sincere apology. Shortly after the particular apology was posted, it had been removed — along with the derogatory tweets — which Stokes attributed to his account becoming hacked. Here’ s what we should know.  

Chase Stokes in ' External Banks' Chase Stokes in ' Outer Banks'
Chase Stokes in ‘ Outer Banks’ | Curtis Baker/Netflix

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Fans love Pursue Stokes as John B 

Stokes has been in the spotlight because of his role as Steve B on the Netflix series  Outer Banks . The show tells the particular tale of a group of high-school-aged teens in search of $400 mil in gold. As the guide in the series, Stokes rapidly became a fan preferred.  

The particular derogatory tweets from Run after Stokes’ past

A few insensitive tweets through Stokes’ youth surfaced upon May 18. Fans got screenshots of the tweets involved. In one tweet, Stokes has been presumably referring to Justin Bieber, creating: “ Bieber means pussy in German ha.. F*g. ”

Another tweet included a photograph captioned, “ Surf n*gg. ” Stokes later stated the photo wasn’ to of him or anyone who he knows. Another screenshot showed a tweet that will read, “ Just because old doesn’ t give you the right to generate like a r*tard. ”  

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Chase Stokes apologized for that tweets — then the apology  was deleted

“ I am flawed, and am sorry, ” the  Outer Banks   star tweeted upon May 18. His apology was included as a display screen shot of a note that read through:

Yes. I will deal with this. I was not concealing. I consulted in one associated with my closest friends just like anybody else would. I got posted insensitive tweets. The Facebook has been hacked numerous times. The picture isn’ t even of me personally or anybody I know. Once again, I am incredibly sorry. I seriously is. I hope you men see what I am presently doing and how I am ongoing to do the right thing when you are respectful in today’ s i9000 climate. This does not reason my words, nor feel I excusing myself. I am going to continue to work towards using the platform in the same capability I have been and doing/bringing lighting to the world.

Shortly after Stokes released the apology on Tweets, it was removed — together with the derogatory tweets.  

Chase Stokes mentioned his Twitter was hacked 

After getting rid of his formal apology as well as the insensitive tweets fans acquired found, Stokes claimed he or she was locked out of their Twitter account. He then described how he had been wanting to reset his password.  

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“ Somebody obviously got entry to my account. So I’ m trying to solve this particular, ” he  messaged   a minute later on. Some fans seemed to be puzzled by the rapid pace where this story developed, while some defended Stokes. “ I actually already dug into one from the people trying to cancel a person so I’ m never going to repeat myself too much, ” one fan  messaged . “ Just wished to say that a lot of the people assaulting you are actual children that will don’ t even keep in mind 2007, 2010 or 2013. You were a kid and you produced mistakes, that’ s okay. ”

Some other fans weren’ t therefore sure Stokes was informing the truth about his account getting hacked. “ I’ meters sorry Chase but the entire hacking thing happening simultaneously as everything else is , ur gonna need to prove that someone hacked into ur account or even something bc i KNOW individuals aren’ t gonna think it, ” a risky fan  wrote .  

Run after Stokes apologized — once again

UPDATE : Upon June 30, Stokes talked out about the tweets through his past.

“ I’ mirielle going to go ahead and nip this particular in the bud, ” this individual tweeted . “ I have NEVER decided on, or said EVER which i believe in reverse racism. By no means. Those words never left my mouth. So that’ s done. ”

He continued to describe the situation in a thread:

Over the past few months I have obtained some of the most horrific messages, twitter posts about my image, the way i look, people telling myself to kill myself. Day-to-day. People have shit on our weight, my girlfriends bodyweight, but apparently it’ h okay for another human to achieve that.

We all like a cast have interacted within group chats set up simply by fans because we’ ve appreciated you guys assisting the show, and desired to talk with you guys. Yet those same people are manipulating things and making it look like I am something I’ mirielle not.

The particular hypocrisy on this platform can be downright disgusting. With that being said. I’ m getting off Twitter. We can’ t continue to connect to people on here, and after that see in the group talks that they’ re becoming horrific towards me, along with others.

Ideally at some point you guys realize just as I have that phrases no matter how large your system are hurtful, and the revenge, negativity, and manipulation which has been going on around here is some thing I’ ll no longer occur in.

Stokes has not used his Tweets account since.

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