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These days, if a vulture (famous scavenger birds known for showing up whenever something is dead, or going to die) came within 10 feet of me, I’d probably just shrug plus accept it…because, I mean, consider the state of the planet. And it appears like I’m not alone. Apparently, a few paragliders barely flinched each time a massive vulture landed on the selfie-stick, mid-flight. Never brain the massive, dinosaur-looking bang of a bird flying upward beside me, but in order to manage your cool whilst soaring thousands of feet up? There are so many questions that opt for this clip.

First of all, I didn’t also know vultures could achieve those kinds of heights. I think they just casually roamed the shoulders of roads looking for roadkill. I also did not know that paragliding was a matter. So…there’s that. Anyway, this particular clip first made the rounds on Reddit prior to becoming viral––2. 5 mil views and counting––that displays a massive bird casually getting on the extended selfie-stick of the couple tooting around the air over the picturesque mountains within Algodonales in Spain on a bike seat with a parachute.

If you’re wondering which? what? why? how? Simply know, that the whole thing had been planned. In fact , the vulture has been trained to do this. Paragliding instructor Scott Mason associated with SkyWings Adventure in Spain initiated what is called “ parahawking , ” in which a trained bird of victim guides him on plane tickets. So , basically, if you think you have an important job, you greatest talk to Scott first.

The footage, photo on a GoPro camera, is constantly on the receive plenty of reactions upon social media. But for now, this particular bird, and the Fleetwood Mac score, gives me serious Nathan Apodaca vibes––and I get it. We get it, man.

Pic : TikTok

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