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Awwww, look! It’s a tiny smushy-faced kitten rubbing a Corgi dog whilst he attempts to shawl down his lunch. Hi, anything to make an extra money in this economy! Now, is the kitty working out an extra-tight knots formed due to doggy tension? Or perhaps she’s helping the particular corgi make room in the belly for more sustenance. Or even maaaybe she’s trying to claw open his stomach therefore she can feast upon some partially digested canine food. You decide.  

Here’s the clip:

The cat looks like she’s actually trying to knead her Corgi buddy. AKA: kneading dough or even makin’ biscuits. If you’re new, it’s when cats alternative pushing and pulling their own front claws. Kittens do that to promote milk flow about their mother’s teat region while sucking on her hard nips. Allegedly, when cats rub on humans or Corgis or even blankets, they’re stating, “I really feel safe and happy right here, I wuv you like you are my mommy! ” Some say this happens when kittens are removed from their mothers too early. Other people say it’s just felines marking their territory using their scent, or treading straight down an area to make a nest. In any event, this kitten loves this particular Corgi and that is beautiful.

My cat kneads on me every night during sex, all while purring extremely. Sometimes the little rascal may actually go for my nipple (accidentally, I hope), yet that’s where I attract the line! Nope, these nips are reserved for historic, ill-fitting bras, electric surprise nipple clamps, and pasties with golden tassels, appreciate it very much.

Pic: YouTube

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