A 24-year-old Moroccan girl who is fascinated with History. One woman experimented with different women attires henceforth praised them and their period as well and the results are amazing.

The artist said, “The project “I became everything” aims to honor women through a series of portraits. It is a tribute to all women: cosmonauts, artists, doctors, teachers, queens, warriors, housewives, medieval, millennial, young or old… anyone who have ever existed”.

Here are the pictures by the artist:

#1. Ethelinde, 16. The artist, “I find it particularly magical how beauty standards, fashion, hairstyles and ways of thinking the change over time”.

#2. Marie-Antoinette De Habsbourg-Lorraine, 36.

#3. Esther, 97.

#4. Hanachiyo, 39. 

#5.  Tiffany, 26. Artist, “First, I do some research about a certain period of time, then I recreate the same makeup and costumes that women used to wear at that particular time in history. I then take the picture, edit it, and add a little story about my character”.

#6. Dragoslava, 28.

#7. Ajsa, 74. 

#8. Herais, 17.

#9. Astrid, 37.

#10. Alowa, 19.

#11. Gertrude, 41.

#12. Sue, 49.

#13.  Frida, 33. Source: “I wanted to do a tribute to all women that have ever existed, so I decided to become them and immortalize the moment”.


Source: Bored Panda