COLUMBUS, Ohio — The fourth COVID-19 test result for Kansas Gov. Mike DeWine came back negative Saturday right after he received conflicting good and negative results 2 days before, ahead of a planned meeting with President Trump.

The governor plus first lady, Fran DeWine, were tested at Kansas State University “ from an abundance of caution” following a rollercoaster day Thursday that started with DeWine receiving a good test result followed by 2 negatives. The governor introduced the negative results upon Twitter on Saturday mid-day, thanking “ everyone who also sent along good wants. ”

The particular Republican governor had to have a COVID-19 test Thursday early morning in Cleveland as part of White-colored House protocol for anyone planned to come in contact with the chief executive. DeWine was administered an instant point-of-care antigen test in a mobile testing site caused by the Republican National Panel, according to DeWine spokesperson Lalu Tierney.

DeWine then headed to meet Trump at the airport to welcome him.

“ I was fully expecting to view the president that morning, ” DeWine said in a push conference Friday. “ Yet as we were driving towards the airport to meet him, I had been called and told regarding my positive result. ”

DeWine has been immediately driven back to Columbus, where the governor, his spouse, and four members associated with his staff took an additional test, a polymerase string reaction test, at Kansas State University Wexner Clinic.

That check is the most commonly used test in the land and is considered the precious metal standard by medical professionals. Over 1 . 3 million Ohioans have been tested with it.

The result was examined twice, both negative.

The conflicting outcomes underscore the problems with both types of tests and are bound to encourage more questions about them. Lots of people in the United States can’ t obtain lab results on the better version for weeks, as opposed to the few hours it required the governor to find out.

By Farnoush Amiri