Josh Biro and wife Jenna Rosene ditched their Canada home and regular life for a nomadic lifestyle with their 6-year-old son Arjuna and 2-year-old daughter Lux. The family sold their Canada home and has been on the road in their 105 square foot RV. The nomadic family has been traveling and living in their Earthroamer 28 for over a year now and they have no regrets. They do admit that the space is tight but also acknowledge that they have everything they possibly need. 

The couple, both yoga instructors and travel enthusiasts decided to sell their home, car and yoga studio to live a simple life while travelling the world. 

“Travel was definitely part of our lives before, but now it’s a permanent part of our lifestyle of being on the road,” Jenna, 33, said. “Before we got married we travelled and we really wanted to continue that once we had kids.”

Josh and Jenna were inspired to travel the world after they lost their 2-year-old daughter Zama. While travelling in Ecuador, a rock fell on Jenna and Zama. Jenna recovered however their daughter was too young to pull through.

“Her passing definitely affected our decision to travel. It’s easy to get caught up in the comfort of your routine and I don’t think we were people that lived from fear in any way, but after this experience it just amplified a lot of what we already believed.”

“I think it made us realise that our time here is finite,” Jenna said. 

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(Source: Barcroft | More info: Instagram)