Jennifer Lopez recently do what Jennifer Lopez continues to be known to do many times prior to, which is that she submitted a mid-workout selfie through her in-home gym. Other than this time, no one was taking a look at JLo’ s abs or even wondering how much time that will photo spent as an open up document in Photoshop. Individuals on the internet were terrified more than what appeared to be an odd masked man staring at JLo through her window.

But we can all prevent screaming for JLo to prevent taking selfies and make use of that iPhone to call 911. Individuals magazine have got to the bottom of the mystery, plus it’ s not almost as creepy as the web thought.

When you zoom in more than JLo’ s right make, you’ ll see exactly what appears to be a guy in a nose and mouth mask. Some people thought it was a guy in distress with his mouth area being covered, or possibly gagged. Another Twitter user stated that any time someone mentioned the man, their comment has been deleted. Did JLo listen to there was an opening within disturbing tech-based narratives since Dark Mirror is on a COVID-19 lücke? Is JLo’ s house being haunted by a depraved Peeping Tom ghost that has zero respect for her personal privacy, but the utmost respect regarding coronavirus social distancing guidelines?

Individuals magazine says that indeed, it’ s an unique guy. But he’ ersus not actually anywhere close to JLo’ s house. An origin says that what everybody caught in the back of her selfie is actually a computer screen. The source highlights that to the left of the disguised man’ s face is really a blue sleeve, which they state is Alex Rodriguez’ s right shoulder and equip. A-Rod was on a company call over Zoom. In addition they say that the man in A-Rod’ s call wasn’ capital t wearing a mask, but basically had his hand over their mouth. So , some of those web detectives were correct.

This is probably the final time A-Rod will unintentionally expose his computer screen towards the world. As that Spanish TV point will tell you, nobody is safe from getting captured in a quarantine live video clip. And along with A-Rod’ s history , he’ s definitely going to become taking all his Move calls in the safety associated with his car from here on out.

Pic: Instagram

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