Justin Bieber ‘s days of getting inked are over. At least on a single part of his body!

After his productive 10-episode YouTube original docuseries Mr. bieber: Seasons , the 26-year-old debuted a follow-up particular on Friday, Justin Bieber: Next Chapter , in which he took followers behind the scenes of what he is been up to this year – including his body artwork collection.

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Speaking about among his latest additions, a went up neck piece he revealed in Sept, the Grammy Award champion shared:

“I think the thorns symbolize the rough places in my life. The floral is such a representation of attractiveness. I think I’m done upon my neck. That’s the Hailey request. ”

But simply because the 23-year-old isn’t sensation the neck ink does not mean he’ll be preventing altogether:

“My back again is still pretty open, and am don’t have kids yet. Therefore , I’m thinking of getting their pictures on my back. ”

Originate recently got new ink on her ring little finger in honor of the singer, therefore maybe she’ll start filling her bod with more artwork??

Clearly, these two continue to be very much in love, yet that’s unfortunately not the case for several other celeb couples exactly who weren’t able to make their own relationship work during pen. When asked what this individual believes they have done in different ways to strengthen their relationship even more, Bieber replied:

“Her and am have really big life. Hailey is such a driven individual, I’m such a driven individual and so it allowed all of us to take a step back and concentrate on each other. That was actually a real beautiful thing. ”

Aww, cute!

He or she continued:

“Hailey really empowers myself and enables me in order to feel like Justin. I love a person for you, you are enough, which enables me to go directly into my workspace and be assured and feel like I’m sufficient. I feel like we’re simply learning how to navigate the relationship. After all, we’re now two years within. ”

Speaking of being two years within, the pair later reminisced on their South Carolina wedding in 2019, which usually came one year after for yourself saying “I do” in the courthouse ceremony. The design reflected:

“We both really appreciated our wedding, we had a thrilling time. I always think if we would be to have done our wedding within the place we’re in right now as opposed to then or even the season before that, what might have been different, and I imagine that both of us carry on and just become healthier individuals from that moment forwards. ”

Looking to the future, Justin came to the conclusion:

“We continue to show one another that will you’re my priority. A person continue to show me I’m your own priority, and I think time, just like you continue to say, shows that. This allows us to continue to see every other’s heart and see, OKAY, this person has our best interest and we are building a life and we possess something to look forward in order to. ”

Watch Next Chapter (below) for more from the delighted couple:

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