A mother from London just taught close-minded people a lesson about breastfeeding and the woman’s message has gone viral on Twitter. 

While at the V&A museum earlier this week, mother-of-one Kat Joyce was asked to ‘cover up’ by a staff while she was breastfeeding her son.

Right after the dreadful encounter, the 37-year-old mom looked around and saw dozens of sculptures of naked women which angered her even more. She knew what she had to do. 

Joyce, an artistic director of a theatre group in London, took pictures of the sculptures and shared them on Twitter along with the caption: 

“For the first time ever I was just asked to cover up by a member of V&A Museum staff who spied a nanosecond of nipple. Am perplexed…,” she wrote on Twitter.

“If people really want an eyeful of boob there are plenty to choose from, mostly far more exquisite than mine and unimpeded by a writhing toddler,” she said. 

Joyce’s post quickly went viral with thousands of shares and comments and eventually, the mom received an apology from the director of the museum.

“Our policy is clear: women may breastfeed wherever they like, wherever they feel comfortable,” Tristram Hunt of V&A Museum wrote. 

(Source: DailyMail)