LONDON— About 200 people employed to choose crops at a farm close to Malvern in England’ s i9000 West Midlands region are already told to self-isolate right after 73 of them tested good for COVID-19 , Public Wellness England (PHE) and Herefordshire Council said on Weekend.

The number of brand new confirmed COVID-19 cases throughout The uk each day continues to be falling from a peak greater than 6, 000 in Apr to 650 in the newest figures released on Weekend, despite wider availability of screening.

However , there were local outbreaks, with a substantial number linked to meat packaging plants.

The particular AS Green and Company farm site has been put into lockdown to try to contain the break out, which follows other groupings of cases at meals producers, PHE and Herefordshire Council said.

During the harvest season, employees who pick and package vegetables, live in mobile houses based on the farm.

Katie Spence, PHE Midlands Health Protection Director, stated the company had put contamination measures in place to try to slow up the risk of staff getting exposed to COVID-19.

“ Despite these procedures, a small number of workers became systematic earlier this week and they and some close contacts among the labor force were tested initially plus found to be positive, ” she said.

“ As we have seen a worldwide trend of large foods producers being subject to breakouts, as a precautionary measure, your decision was made to test the whole workforce. ”

She said the initial outcomes showed a significant percentage associated with positive cases, despite the people being asymptomatic.

Herefordshire Council said it had been arranging food and essential products for the residents while these people self-isolated.

By Paul Sandle