Kristin Johnston, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia ‘loves everything Taco’, so when came time for her maternity photoshoot, she knew where to get it done. The photoshoot took place last December and Johnston has since given birth her second son. Johnston generally loves Taco but her craving for Taco bell magnified during her pregnancy which is why thought that it was a perfect place for her maternity photoshoot. The funny photos were shot by her best friend Kelly Daniels who wasn’t surprised when Johnston shared her plans. 

“She loves everything Taco Bell,” Daniels, 33, said. “I was not at all surprised.”

“I want to do something a little different,” Johnston shared. “So I said, ‘I have to take my maternity pictures there. I’m spending so much time and money there with my cravings. That’s the place I’ve got to go.'”

Johnston and Daniels chose around sunset time to do the photoshoot for good lightin. The glowing mom-to-be wore a bright red gown that touched the floor with a classic pearl necklace and red lipstick. “She steps out of her huge mom mobile and she steps out of it in her floor-length red gown and right at one of the busiest intersections, Daniels said. “We got quite an audience every time a red light came around.”

Johnston, whose oldest son is 1-year-old, recently gave birth to her second baby boy and named him Theodore Johnston. Johnston revealed that she took inspiration for the maternity photoshoot from Pinterest. She wanted to do something different and both she and her husband are extremely happy with the result of the photoshoot. 

Source: ABCNews