Having siblings is one of the best feelings in the world but it doesn’t always start that way. Growing up with brothers or sisters can be extremely daunting and exhausting but it’s a bigger task for parents. Raising young kids is no picnic and artist Adrienne Hedger knows the struggle all too well. She is raising two girls who are constantly arguing, fighting or trying to win the title of the ‘best daughter’ which also involves fighting. For Hedger it’s an everyday task to break up their fights and teach them how to love each other but they have a long way to go till they realize how much they really love each other and what’s it like to have siblings. So, as of now, the talented mom is using their experiences to create hilarious comics because, why not? Whether it’s their lame arguments, made-up games or their senseless conversations, Hedger makes sure to record all of them through her art so that one day the two can look back and see how silly they were. Check out her amazing work below. 


A favorite comedy routine at my house.

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(Source: Upworthy)