Just one month after his tragic moving , we’ re benefiting from clarity on the death associated with Melissa Etheridge ’ s son, Beckett Cypheridge .  

In a heartbreaking new job interview , the past due 21-year-old’ s ex girlfriend Hailey Lavelle opened up about the source of the opioid addiction which usually eventually took his lifestyle.

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Lavelle told  DailyMail . com   that Beckett’ s drug use has been actually a form of self medicine due to a horrible snowboarding incident in 2016 that proceeded to go untreated for years. She informed the outlet:  

“ He passed away in the air and fell forty feet, landing on his mind. They showed me their helmet. It was split by 50 % like a watermelon. He had a significant concussion and he broke their ankle and his foot too. I believe it resulted in the brain injury that was never ever treated. It’ s exactly the same that you see in soccer players. He took a tough hit to the head plus nothing was fixed soon after. ”

At the time, Cypheridge was 17 years old plus Lavelle 18; she explained them as “ children” unequipped to handle his accidents. Unfortunately, due to a “ miscommunication” with Etheridge, who was on tour, the teen never pursued the care that he so clearly needed. Lavelle recalled:

“ I told him: ‘ From what I knew you’ re not likely to go to bed after a concussion. Therefore , let’ s stay awake. Let’ s call your mom get some insurance information so we can bring you to the doctor’ … We didn’ t understand that we’re able to tell the doctors to charge us and once we get the insurance card, we’ d make it work. We were both so young, we didn’ t know anything. The communication with his family got less and less and we never did get insurance, so he never went to the doctor. ”

Instead, Cypheridge attempted to carry on snowboarding, which exacerbated his injuries. That was when that he began to self medicate, first with “ just weed, then he got cough syrup with codeine in it, ” Lavelle revealed.  

Not able to continue with the sport that he loved, Cypheridge and Lavelle went to L. A. to keep with his mother. There, feeling “ worthless, ” the young man turned to opioids to handle the pain and his growing depression. His mother attempted to send him to work at a marijuana farm for more structure in his life, and when that he continued to spiral sent him to the first of five rehab stays.  

Cypheridge and Lavelle fundamentally broke up but remained friendly and in contact. She says he may have seen this coming, imploring her to tell the “ true story of his life” in the event of his untimely death. She elaborated:  

“ He told me that multiple times. The story that’ s out there is he was a drug addict, a privileged boy living off his parents’ profit Denver. But the real story is that he got hurt and he didn’ t get the proper help for this and that just generated a domino effect of horrible, horrible events. ”

This story just keeps getting sadder. We always keep Beckett and his nearest and dearest in our thoughts.