A dying swan was brought back to life, all because of a teenager who went above and beyond to save the bird’s life. 

Carla Penn, who runs an animal rehabilitation group, Warriors 4 Wildlife, was informed about a sick swan that was stuck in a nearby area. Penn’s 15-year-old nephew Joshy Martin, who was visiting the foundation, decided to join the rescue team that was heading to get the swan.

Posted by Warriors 4 Wildlife on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The bird was found in a terrible condition and looked like it had given up. He wasn’t moving but was still blinking which indicated that he still had a little life left in him. While transporting the bird to the clinic, Joshy carried him and tried bringing him back to life by performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Miraculously, his quick thinking worked and the swan regained a little energy and was able to breathe a little better. 

His act of kindness was really helpful and the only reason the poor swan made it through the journey. Once at the clinic, the bird was put on oxygen and an IV drip. 

Warriors 4 Wildlife shared that the swan is doing much better now and he’ll soon be released back to the wild. The video of Joshy helping the swan went viral, after which donations poured in from many parts of the world to pay for the swan’s treatment. One of the families who donated funds was Australian Football League athlete Travis Cloke and his wife, who also visited the foundation to meet the swan and to thank Joshy in person for his kindness. 

(Source: The Dodo)