As if this divided needed any more drama — now there’s a second coronavirus diagnosis to worry about!

As you may recall, Jim Edmonds contracted COVID-19 relatively early within the pandemic , back in 04. Seven months later, their ex Meghan King has tested positive for the illness herself — after several Halloween partying and a girls’ trip to Miami. Hmm…

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The RHOC alum revealed the medical diagnosis on her Instagram Story , writing:

“I examined positive for Covid. I have already been safe while traveling but I had fashioned an exchange on Wednesday where I did not secure myself and this is while i had to have been infected. I have already been safe with distancing plus masks since Tuesday which includes when I went to dinner single and stayed distant plus wore a mask from Hayes ’s soccer. My kids were at their father’s yet Hayes will quarantine because of brief (1 hour) closeness to me. I have contacted everybody and will isolate for week minimum per CDC recommendations. My children will have to stick with my parents as they cannot remain at my house while I am sick. ”

First thing’s 1st — there’s no ensure that ANY travel is going to be “safe” right now. You can safeguard yourself as best as possible, yet there are still a LOT of risks, specifically with the level of cases in america right now. Masks and isolating are preventative measures, yet they’re not perfect — so going to your 2-year-old’s football game and cuddling as much as him is a BIG  danger! For him AND especially just for his grandparents!

Apparently, Jim agrees with all of us — his rep Steve Honig told TMZ the former baseball player is not surprised by the diagnosis, “but he is pissed. ” Maskless photos of Meg through Miami and Halloween have got riled the athlete, who else thinks Meghan is “not acting like a responsible mother or father. ”

Based on another TMZ source, this individual was further incensed the fact that reality star came to their house following the Miami vacation and was “hugging plus kissing” the kids, potentially revealing their children as well as Jim’s partner. The insider even recommended that the Bravo -lebrity was lying down about the timing “to allow it to be seem like her reckless partying has nothing to do with her positive COVID diagnosis. ”

Um, what?? How do some individuals still not get this outbreak thing??

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With the way instances are rising right now, journeying is probably even less secure than it was at the beginning of the particular pandemic. If she simply had to go to Miami, the lady should have done a standard bi weekly quarantine before seeing the girl kids or even going out in order to dinner. This kind of thoughtless actions are exactly why coronavirus numbers are incredibly devastating right now.

Lots of accusations have flown back and forth in this divorce, however in this case, we have to get Jim’s side. We want Meghan a speedy recuperation, and hopefully she’ll become more considerate of her activities in the future.

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Nov sixteen, 2020 14: 26pm PDT

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