Crystal Kells, mother-of-one was shocked when her little boy Cian Kells told her how much he loved her dress and wanted to try one of her dresses. She a lot of thoughts run through her mind in that moment, however, she smiled and let her son try one of her dresses. It made him so happy that he requested her to get him his own dress. 

Kells, a photographer, captured some great shots of Cian enjoying wearing his dresses and shared them on Facebook for family and friends. The post went viral and of course, Kells was blasted by strangers for letting her son wear a dress. In response to that, Kells shared a touching post. 

“This is my son Cian and he loves to wear dresses,” she wrote. “We’ve never taught it to him ‘This is for girls and this is for boys’ and we never will. The most important thing to us is the health and happiness of our son. I want my son to grow up knowing he has a voice,” she wrote. “Grow up knowing he can do and be anything he wants to be in this world.”

Kells and her husband are not sure what Cian’s future holds, but they just wish to see him happy and have a voice and know that it’s okay to be or do anything he wants. She also shared that they’ll love and support him irrespective of gender orientation.  

(Source: Upworthy)