A kind man named Jordan Kahana found two tiny puppies in the middle of the road during a road trip from Los Angeles to Colorado. The 30-year-old digital director couldn’t leave the little pups on the remote road, so he picked them up and drove them to the nearest pet clinic for a check up. As suspected, the puppies were severely dehydrated. 

Kahana knew what he had to do. He decided to adopt the tiny creatures. 

The vet revealed that the highway where the puppies were found, is a well known spot where people abandon unwanted dogs. 

Kahana adopted the cute male and female puppy in a heartbeat and now the three go on adventures together. Since adopting them in Dec 2016, they have covered 32,000 miles and have visited 35 states throughout North America.

Kahana, a freelance digital director loves to travel and he is glad to have two adorable companions on the road with him now. 


“I’m lucky because I can do a lot of freelance work, and to keep my costs down I plan my trips so that I can sometimes stay with friends,” said Kahana. 

“I’m used to traveling by myself, but it has been great to have some companionship. We’ve basically traveled cross-country in month-long stints. I just put the back seat down in the jeep and I’ve got them a mattress so they’re comfortable.”

Zeus and Sedona were only 2 months old when Kahana found them all alone on that remote road and look at the two now. They are growing up to be quite the adventure pups.