For people who tired of the craziness of city life, there’s an ultimate retreat hidden somewhere in the middle of West Dorset Forest, UK. London designer Guy Mallinson always dreamt of owning a treehouse and when life gave him a chance, he built the most stylish treehouse there is. 

Mallinson also had the vision to create the house in such a way that it will be a perfect hideout place for couples looking for some peace and quiet with nature. 

The hand-crafted house is complete with a sauna, hot tub and an open air tree shower on the upper deck. A deluxe room for two or a small family with bed and glass windows to overlook the forest.  

Mallinson, along with 20 experts including his three sons, built the entire house in about 5 months. 

“I have always wanted to build a tree house, who hasn’t?,” said Mallinson. “Having handmade all of our glamping yurts, tipis and woodland structures our existing guests were always saying they wanted us to build a treehouse using the traditional craft skills that we teach on our courses.”

Mallinson was ecstatic to get a positive response from public and The Woodsman’s Treehouse is open to guests.

“It is called the Woodsman’s Treehouse as it uses materials and techniques that a woodsman would be familiar with.” For full story check out the video below. 

(Source: Youtube / DailyMail)