Rob Arnold from Rame Peninsula Beach Care team loves the beach and has been on the team for four years, but recently, Arnold saw the Tregantle beach in the UK in such a bad condition that it shook him. It felt like it had gone too far but Arnold rolled up his sleeves and got cracking. 

The shoreline was filled with microplastics and it was certainly a devastating scenery for Arnold and his team to watch. 


“I am fairly used to it as I have been doing it for four years, but the way it was this time was a shock to me, it was desperate,” Arnold said

“I really felt it had gone too far and it may be too late to clean it up, but I thought we may as well try. It was like the ocean had vomited it out and presented it to us and I felt it was our duty to clean it up.”

With some help, Arnold got to business and started cleaning the beach. By the end of the project, they had 35 bags full of trash. 

But the most surprising part was what they found in the trash.

They found tons of plastic toy soldiers, probably hundreds of LEGO diving flippers and other plastic stuff.  

The remaining trash was turned into interesting artwork that part of The Plastic Age exhibition and is displayed at Liskeard Museum.

(Source: Demilked | Photos: reddit)