We all like to pamper our beloved pets in some way or another. While some pet owners like to reward their pups with treats and toys, one owner went the extra mile and created a special bedroom for his dog. The pet owner’s brother was so impressed and touched that he took to Twitter and shared what an amazing work his brother did. 

The dog owner laid wooden floorboard under the stairs, painted the walls, added a ceiling light, and mounted miniature photo frames on the wall. The dog has his own bed in his tiny little bedroom and his food bowls right outside his room. Now, who wouldn’t like a cozy room to relax in.  

Twitter user @Al_Chris16 shared a post and a few before and after pictures of the pooch’s bedroom after which his post went viral. 

“My brother built his dog a separate room in his house,” he wrote. 

Source: BoredPanda / Twitter