This simply breaks our heart…

Children in Utah is usually mourning the loss of their particular 10-year-old daughter, who also died by committing suicide last weekend right after suffering from constant lovato from her class mates.

Based on KSL-TV, Isabella “Izzy” Tichenor was found lifeless by her family members on Saturday. The girl mother, Brittany Tichenor-Cox , had reached out towards the school administrators many times to report that will her child, who had been Black and autistic, was being “frequently belittled and bullied” on Foxboro Elementary School in Northern Salt Lake, Ut. Izzy reportedly informed Brittany that the girl was being teased simply by her peers plus didn’t believe the girl teacher liked the girl — as the girl wouldn’t treat the girl the same way because the other students.

Things just became worse once the young girl delivered air freshener in order to class after the instructor complained that the college students smelled bad, which usually led to even more taunting from the other learners towards her. Yet despite speaking upward about the harassment towards the school, Brittany informed KUTV the girl concerns were overlooked:

“As any mother or father would, we documented this abuse with her teachers, the school management, and the district management. Nothing. Nothing had been done to protect Izzy. Children did not get their behavior corrected therefore the torment of this kid continued day after day. ”

But even with the particular bullying, her mother explained to the outlet that will she never thought Izzy had been thinking about suicide:

“I didn’ t know the lady thought like that. I had been so involved with the girl at school. A person don’ t understand what a child is going by means of mentally. ”

Tichenor-Cox told reporters throughout a news conference:

“ She was a delighted little girl. But even as we all know, even as grown ups, you know there are some sounds that rang increased. ”

On the day associated with Izzy’ s passing away, Britney had been communicating with her daughter regarding working on her guide report. The grieving momma says the girl then stepped from the room for just a couple of minutes before her 2 other children discovered Izzy’s body.

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The 10-year-old’ h death forever transformed her family, that are now demanding alter — not just on her but for all the kids out there being bullied. Her aunt Jasmine Rhodes portrayed in a news meeting following the tragedy:

“What happened to her, the lady did not deserve that will. She deserved possibilities as any other child deserves opportunities. The girl deserved to watch the girl siblings grow up … She just earned so much more than exactly what she got. ”

Grandmother Pauletta Harris then put into KUTV :

“We will be Izzy’ s tone of voice. We are going to ring this particular bell as noisy as we can due to the fact we are going to stop this particular bullying. That girl had spark, that will little girl had expectations and dreams. ”

In a statement acquired by People , Brittany and her spouse Charles Cox also asked that individuals help others that are also struggling with their own mental health and lovato:

“Izzy was generally thinking of others. Allow us to offer love to people who may feel they may not be worthy of it. Allow us to offer a kind term or gesture to the people who need to hear plus feel it. Allow us to have conversations regarding racism, disabilities, lovato and mental disease, even if they are tough and maybe uncomfortable discussions to have. We must ask them to. Talk to your children, find out who they are and help remind them that they are adored. We ask which you Stand for Izzy. ”

Just devastating.

Following the information of her demise, the Davis School Area informed Individuals these were “devastated by the death” of Izzy plus planned on investigating the situation:

“We, like everybody, are devastated from the death of this kid. Our hearts head out to the family. Foxboro Elementary has worked thoroughly with the family and can continue to provide assistance to them and others influenced by this tragedy. All of us take all situations and reports associated with bullying seriously. At this time, the incident we have been aware of involved one more student. The instructor and administration replied quickly and properly. As with all accusations of bullying, our own investigation will carry on. ”

However , as it happens the school district has already established a long history of bullying…

Izzy’s death actually arrives two weeks after a two-year federal civil legal rights investigation found that will school officials within the Davis School Area were “deliberately indifferent” to the racial nuisance of Black plus Asian-American students, such as the over 200 noted uses of the N-word and other racial epithets. According to People , the particular district has considering that been placed under the particular supervision of the Division of Justice. The spokesperson for the region told KUTV at the time that it “takes these findings really seriously. They do not reveal the values of the community and the objectives of the district. The particular district pledges to fix these practices. ” The statement carried on:

“The agreement information specific steps the particular district will take in order to strengthen its methods, training and procedures for investigation plus resolving allegations associated with racial harassment plus discrimination. This essential work begins instantly and will continue on the next several years. Over the following 30 days, the area will share more information with parents, employees, and students setting out the initial steps it will require to implement the particular needed changes. ”

A GoFundMe page has been developed in honor of Izzy, along with nearly $132, 500 already being given to the family. We’ re sending our love and assistance them during this unpleasant time.

If you or even someone you know are battling depression or thoughts of suicide, please reach out to the particular National Committing suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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