Poor Jayce Osteen . His young lifestyle just keeps obtaining more complicated…

As we formerly reported , 2 sheriff’ s deputies in Florida, Clayton Osteen plus Victoria Pacheco , put aside their infant boy when they both passed away by suicide inside days of each other previously this month.

There was the glimmer of wish when we learned a member of family had taken in the infant, who had abruptly become an orphan at less than 8 weeks old. Family buddy Kelly Ridle , who have set up the GoFundMe for the little man, provided an up-date before eventually closing the fundraiser, exposing:

“ A close member of the family will be adopting Jayce. All donations is going to be used for enriching Jayce’ s life encounters and securing the brighter future. ”

That family member, we have now know, was Clayton’ s older brother, Zack Osteen . The 31-year-old, also a sheriff’ t deputy, was given an emergency court purchase for immediate guardianship and plans in order to formally adopt their nephew.

During a press briefing just days following the suicides, St Lucie County Sheriff Ken Wimpernbetonung exposed:

“ After Victoria’ s passing Clayton’ s brother instantly took custody associated with Jayce. An emergency courtroom order hearing happened that week plus recognized Clayton’ h brother as Jayce’ s guardian meant for at least a year. Clayton’ s brother will be married, has 2 children of their own, so Jayce is within a loving house with two cousins. And we foresee only the best for Jayce in that environment. ”

Sounds great, correct? Unfortunately, Zack will have to fight for the kid.

Based on a shocking brand new report from DailyMail. com , another member of the family has decided to start a custody battle pertaining to Jayce. Tammy Meyer , the mother of their late mom Victoria, is launching the full-on legal strike.

Buddy Kelly Newell informed the outlet that Tammy, who was in the shipping room during the delivery, gave up her work as a hair dresser and moved nearer to her daughter to become a full-time nanny on her grandson. But since this individual was orphaned, the lady hasn’ t had the opportunity to see him! Kelly says:

“ Tammy hasn’ t already been allowed to see Jayce alone because the Osteens aren’ t enabling it. There are a lot of edges to this story… Tammy is concerned about the entire situation and desires some answers. This wounderful woman has hired a lawyer to assist her get guardianship of her grand son. Ultimately she desires full custody. ”

Whoa. This evidently isn’ t likely to be settled using a peaceful conversation. Kelly says about the girl childhood friend:

“ She is in the exact same county. She won’ t leave that will county without the child. She has retained an attorney to try to put the child where it should be. Which is to live with the girl permanently. ”

Kelly’ s husband Brian said the family argument has already begun:

“ We went down right now there for the funeral and it also was pretty mind-boggling how Tammy has been treated. ”

Properly, this certainly isn’ t sounding such as what’ s within the best interest from the child, is it? The protracted, contentious lawful battle.

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