It’s not uncommon to grow up to look like your parents, but what about looking like an exact replica right out of the gate? An exact replica of them as a baby, that is.

There’s no paternity test needed for these children. You can tell who they belong to just by looking at a picture. The incredible images below will make you wonder who is the parent in the picture, because they look a bit too alike.

Oh my! These two are so identically cute.

Angelique Mean

They even have the same rock and roll attitude.

Sara Larkin
Jen Craven

She’s got her father’s eyes, that’s for sure.

Elisa Bernazzani
Corin Kane


Ashley L’Herault Peters

The young one looks like they’re realizing how much they used to look alike.

The only thing that’s changed is the style.

Now that’s uncanny.

Melanie Gates

That smile is making a comeback to melt another generation’s hearts.

Trang Nguyen

They’re even wearing the same dress.

Sarah Knott

That. Face.

Ashley Logghe

Back then, you used to have to get dressed up so people could compare your photo to your baby’s in the future.

Like mother, like daughter. Like, really alike.

(via Huffington Post)

These parents and children have almost no differences between them. It almost looks like they just took the same picture and threw an Instagram filter on one of them.