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Last week Lily Collins , star from the très stupide but intimement jolie Netflix show Emily within Paris , embarrassed herself when the lady told British Vogue that will the girl thought her character has been only 22 years old . HA! Here are the FACTS: Emily has a Masters degree, a huge, important job at a large, important marketing firm, the closet full of expensive-looking clothing, and a dildo that you connect into a wall. Bitch ain’t 22. Also, not to slag off Ms. Collins, that has clearly a gorgeous model/actress/nepotism infant, but Lily herself is certainly 31. For a woman, that is “I have got three teenagers” acting territory, not “fresh out of undergrad” roles! Welp, based on the “fan” backlash (is anyone really an Emily in Paris, france “fan” , or are usually we all just victims associated with Netflix’s algorithm? ), Lily is now backtracking on her “like, 22ish? ” statement. The lady posted to her socials that will she did a whoopies and was sorry.

Here’s the twitter update (she posted the same thing with her Instagram stories, how interesting! ):

Whoa. So Lily’s the one who gets the age group wrong, but in her apology, she shits on Emily? Très rude.

Lily’s co-star, Lucas Bravo , furthermore piped up with his viewpoint on Emily’s age. Lucas is the hot French man who played the cocinero neighbor. Refresher:

Anyway, based on 32-year-old Lucas, Emily is a lot, much older than 22. Such as, at least 700 days old (via E! Online):

“I would say she’s most likely 24, ” the French actor or actress, who plays chef Gabriel, told E! ’s  The Rundown . “Something happens after 26 exactly where women start exploring…in terms associated with personality. I feel like she’s still very strong willed and he or she has certainties, but yes I would say around  24. ”

OKAY, were these actors consuming straight from the Seine throughout filming? Why the bang does Emily possessing “certainties” mean she’s only twenty-four? Maybe Luke is a The future actor type who can’t comprehend having a love interest over the age of 25? I’m at a loss right here, people! Unless… ohhhh. Yes, I figured it out. Netflix purchased Nurse Ratched to give the whole Emily within Paris ensemble lobotomies so they could market the show’s merde conversation with straight faces. Beleg voyage, brains!

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