Lil Twist will be claiming he was Justin Bieber ‘ s scapegoat!

The rapper, real title:   Christopher Lynn Moore, claims that he took the particular fall for some of the singer’ h legal issues and “ bud charges” in the early 2010s.

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The 27-year-old explained (below) while appearing on Philadelphia radio personality Mina SayWhat ‘ s podcast Mina’ s House :

“ If they would have place weed charges on Mr. bieber in his early career. It might have been bad on your pet. So I got a contact one day saying, ‘ Turn, do you really love this child? ’ I said, ‘ Yes. ‘”

He continued:

“ They said, ‘ Cool, if you value him then you can take the temperature for him because you may come off a little weed cost. You’ re associated with Lil Wayne . You’ re an artist. ‘”

Though he didn’ big t get into the exact specifics which cases he took the particular fall for, we do know that will Mr. Bieber went through a bad boy phase, which included egging a neighbor’ s house, peeing in a bucket in the back of an NYC eating place, and a 2014 DUI police arrest.

Meanwhile, Turn was arrested two individual times in 2013 whilst driving Bieber’ s vehicles. He also had situations with the law unrelated in order to Justin around the same period.

Twist additional:

“ It got to a place where I didn’ to even have to be there sometimes and they were putting this, ‘ Twist did it, Distort did it, Twist did it. ’ It became overwhelming. ”

Upon Thursday, Twist released the statement which reads simply:

“ While promoting our TV show, the subject of certain activities with Bieber were raised, and in the spirit to be authentic, I felt this a disservice to my enthusiasts and the general public to not become completely transparent about the experience. I believe that if a person truly support the Dark Lives Matter movement, Dark people, and Black lifestyle, your actions have to reveal that. ”

Watch more through Twist (below):

Is it in its final stages for Bieber to say remorseful to Lil Twist?? Probably! But the 26-year-old did apologize for some of their past teen racism just a couple months ago, sharing:

“ When I was young I used to be uneducated and found personally saying really hurtful issues not knowing the power of the words. Racism Is still really prevalent and I want to make use of my voice to help remind we are all human being and all of THE SAME VALUE BEFORE GOD! ”

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