OTTAWA—The minority Liberal government is definitely proposing a special House associated with Commons committee to examine vast amounts of dollars of COVID-19 pandemic-related spending.

The proposal is definitely an attempt to pre-empt a Traditional party motion to create an unique “anti-corruption” committee that would absolutely no in exclusively on what the state Opposition considers scandals—including your decision to have WE Charity deal with a student services grant system, despite Prime Minister Mr. bieber Trudeau’s close family connections to the organization.

The Conservative movement is slated for argument and a vote next week plus government House leader Pablo Rodriguez is not ruling away making it a test of self-confidence in the minority government.

He says the particular Conservative motion is “pure partisan politics” aimed at “totally jamming the government” in order to should be focused on helping Canadians weather the second wave from the deadly coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

In comparison, Rodriguez says he is suggesting “a serious committee” which will do “serious work” plus which could help the government enhance emergency programs to help deal with the pandemic.

Rodriguez says he is been discussing the offer with the Bloc Quebecois as well as the NDP, both of which also have floated the idea of creating a specific committee to take over the ALL OF US investigation and look into various other alleged misuses of community funds.