Lena Dunham could be the latest celebrity to open upward about her experience with COVID-19 and to hear her inform it, people should really become taking this virus far more significantly than we’ve been.

Along with a selfie (above) of her rocking a lace-patterned face mask, the particular Girls star explained through Instagram on Friday that will she privately battled the particular novel coronavirus over a 21-day period — though fortunately she has since recovered.

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Dunham shared the details of the girl terrifying experience in a number of written photo messages captioned, “ My Covid Tale. ”

The lady began:

“ I’ ve been reluctant to share this particular, having written and rewritten it anxiously. I don’ t want to unnecessarily include my voice to a sound landscape on such a difficult topic, as an unfathomable number of individuals have lost their lives in order to COVID-19 – an expression we didn’ t also know in January. Yet seeing the carelessness which so many in the United States are dealing with social distancing, people running without masks and celebrations on Instagram, I feel required to be honest about the impact this particular illness has had on me personally, in the hopes that individual stories allow us to find the humanity in what can seem like abstract situations. ”

The HBO star, who is already immunocompromised with endometriosis and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, said that people have to wake up and understand that the particular “ coronavirus kills individuals. ” She expressed that when she were not already hyper-aware of her own health challenges, she would not have been able to find the warning signs that something had been off and physically deal with the severity of the girl pain.

Explaining the symptoms she began going through in mid-March, Lena stated it all started with “ achy joints” which were rapidly followed by “ an unattainable, crushing fatigue” and a temperature of 102 degrees prior to things really went down hill:

“ Suddenly my body basically … revolted. The spirit in my feet burned plus muscles wouldn’ t appear to do their job. My hands had been numb. I couldn’ big t tolerate loud noises. I actually couldn’ t sleep yet I couldn’ t get up. I lost my feeling of taste and odor. A hacking cough, just like a metronome keeping time. Failure to breathe after easy tasks like getting a cup of water. Random red-colored rashes. A pounding head ache right between my eyes. This felt like I was a complicated machine that had been unplugged then had my wires rerouted into the wrong inputs. ”

Incredible. That sounds incredibly terrible. Despite suffering through this within isolation for nearly three several weeks, the 34-year-old was ultimately able to be treated by a physician without being hospitalized.

She said she examined negative for the virus “ after a month, ” yet similar to actress Anna Camp who also recently caught COVID-19, her symptoms persisted . In addition to swollen hands plus feet, and unwavering exhaustion, Lena was confronted with many challenging new ailments:

“ The doctor determined I was struggling with clinical adrenal insufficiency – my pituitary gland acquired almost entirely ceased perform – as well as ‘ position migrainosis’ (in human conditions, a migraine that simply won’ t stop. )”

The particular Emmy nominee said the lady didn’ t have any one of those issues before the girl battle with the virus and wasn’ t given any cement idea of what to expect moving forward. Whilst acknowledging that doctors continue to be learning new information about the long-term health consequences upon people, she blasted  the particular privileged mindset of those who else aren’ t taking the general public health crisis seriously.

After listening to about this particular bout, it appears irresponsible to continue taking gambles with your health, right?

She concluded simply by asking us all to selflessly do our part within containing the spread, composing:

“ This is the biggest offer in our country, and in the entire world right now. When you take the suitable measures to protect yourself as well as your neighbors, you save all of them a world of pain. A person save them a trip that nobody deserves to consider, with a million outcomes all of us don’ t yet realize, and a million people with different resources and varying amounts of support who are not looking forward to this tidal wave to consider them. It is critical we are all practical and compassionate at this time… because, there is truly most choice. ”

We couldn’ big t have said it much better ourselves. This virus will not discriminate and everyone is in danger of going through this, or even worse. Learn from her! Wishing the girl a speedy full recuperation and lots of comfort at home during this period.