Yesterday we discovered that  Rosie O’ Donnell revealed to Andy Cohen that both Bill Cosby and Leif Garrett   had been banned from  The Rosie O’ Donnell Show . Expenses Cosby was banned meant for obvious reasons (aka he or she was allegedly a slip to one of Rosie’ t producers). The reason Leif wasn’ t asked back isn’ t surprising for anyone who also watched his VH1 Behind the Music . Rosie alleged that Leif got fucked up on medicines in the green room. Leif has responded to Rosie’ h allegations, and he swears this individual wasn’ t on anything at all during his appearance.

Leif spoke in order to Too Ok to set the particular record straight after Rosie decided to name him. Rosie claimed that when she 1st saw Leif he has been fine, but then she examined in on him twenty minutes later in the eco-friendly room, and he had a massive red welt across their face that she feels was from a crack tube burn. But according to Leif, he was sober.

“ That’ s not even just how it came close. We don’ t know when she’ s got Alzheimer’ s or doesn’ to remember what happened, but it’ s on YouTube. You can watch the particular clip on YouTube. She stated I had a little burn upon my face from using split, which is so not true. To begin with, I would never do anything at all like that. The funny point was she even stated that I supposedly used break in her green area and then was nodding away from. First of all, anyone knows if you are using crack, you don’ big t nod off. I was during that time, for that show, I was sober. At least get the story correct, you know? ”

But , that doesn’ t mean Leif wasn’ t going through issues at that time. He suggests that maybe Rosie was remembering the story incorrect, because he did actually have the drug-related injury when he or she appeared on her show.

“ What I had was upon my hand, I had a shawl tied onto my hand since I had an abscess by using dope. Not that day… my body was still cleansing at that time. I had a little point on my hand that I acquired covered up with a scarf. Anyway, that’ s exactly what she made a discuss. Nobody was smoking split and there was no burn off on my face. ”

Leif is lucky the internet is present because there is a clip associated with him on The Rosie O’ Donnell Show , and indeed, he’ s got their hand wrapped up within a bandanna. There’ s furthermore no visible giant reddish colored welt, although his tresses and beanie are addressing parts of his face.   Also something to note: Leif’ s appearance happened just a couple months before he was busted trying to buy heroin and cocaine from undercover police officers in a Los Angeles recreation area in 1999.

Leif can also be pissed off that Rosie pronounced his name wrong whenever she was talking to Andy Cohen. It’ s obvious like “ layf , ” and not “ leaf , ” which is how Rosie obvious it. And of course, he’ s i9000 mad that Rosie might even tell such a tale in the first place, saying, “ There’ s no cause to be nasty, man. It’ s just insane. ” Um… that information might be better delivered in the event that he hadn’ t simply accused Rosie of having Alzheimer’ s.

This particular story is more than 2 decades old. And unless somebody discovers some secret eco-friendly room footage from a digital camera that was hidden in Rosie’ s Tom Cruise shrine, we’ ll never know. Yet I don’ t believe Leif was as sober as he says. Maybe this individual was sober, but he or she definitely had to be a little higher. After all, there were so many Koosh balls flying around that will place, and you know individuals were getting light-headed and loopy from all those toxic rubberized fumes.

Pic: Wenn. com/FayesVision