Leah Remini is known for not keeping back, especially when it comes to Scientology. And she’ s definitely not afraid to call away its most high-profile associate!

There are still plenty of celebs who seem to count themselves as associates of the Church of Scientology, but none as well referred to as Tom Cruise . (Obviously  David Travolta would be a close jogger up, though rumor experience it he and the Church are expanding apart . )

Within an interview with All of us , Remini finally came right at the particular Mission: Impossible star, accusing Cruise associated with helping to bury her brand new special Scientology: Dark Ops   — and of becoming complicit in all of the church’ s abuses.

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She said:  

“ I think it’ s time for people to begin waking up to the real details here. Tom has for a long time manipulated his image as the good guy. Although In my opinion there was a time when Mary was a decent and kindhearted person, he has morphed themself into David Miscavige and is totally dedicated to Scientology’ s objective to ‘ clear’ the world — which means making eighty percent of the world’ ersus population into Scientologists. ”

Wow! Harsh!

The King of Queens star claimed Cruise “ has for years used Scientology and its staff to do their dirty work, ” including dumping one of his girlfriends to get him and giving an additional “ sex advice. ” Ewww.

Leah also claimed  Tommy Davis , former Older VP at the Church associated with Scientology Celebrity Centre, has been instrumental in ending wedding ceremony between Cruise and Nicole Kidman . The lady spilled:  

“ Davis … utilized confidential Scientology counseling classes to bring a wedge in between Tom and his wife Nicole because Nicole didn’ to want to do Scientology anymore. Plus David Miscavige, through Marty Rathbun , eliminated Nicole to get Tom nearer to Scientology. ”

Dang. Is that really what took place between Tom and Nicole??

But it wasn’ t only the star’ s romantic relationships affected; she continued:  

“ Mary has for years used their Church to torture their employees by sending all of them in for interrogations at their particular expense, causing a woman I am aware to go bankrupt simply because the particular hours she worked just for Tom made it impossible on her to raise her family. The girl was interrogated and reprimanded by her church for a long time, causing her to lose the girl home. These are some of the elements Tom has done that in no way get talked about, and I think it’ s time to change that will. ”

Those are some serious costs!

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Previously, the 50-year-old got praised Thandie Newton on her latest comments about Cruise (“ That requires huge balls” ). The girl said that Scientology has designed Tom’ s “ fine guy” image in order to obtain positive PR. She informed The Daily Animal :  

“ While i was in Scientology I got struggling in Scientology for stating, ‘ Why is this guy the particular poster child for Scientology? He can’ t maintain a f**kin’ marriage jointly, he’ s jumping upon couches, he’ s performing like he knows anything at all about postpartum. ’ I actually learned pretty quickly that will that’ s not some thing you should be doing, because Ben Cruise is considered a messiah in Scientology. This is a man who has not really seen his own daughter within years. That this guy could be running around and having individuals think he’ s this particular super-nice guy, I don’ t get it. But that’ s the Hollywood-bullshit online game people play. ”

Damn. Leah’ s uncovered a LOT in Scientology, yet we’ ve never noticed her come straight with regard to Tom before! Has some thing changed? Does she have the scales have tipped within her favor??

What do Oughout think, Perezcious readers? Can this open the floodgates??