Rachel Barry cannot catch a rest (which, I guess, tends to take place when you act like a sociopathic, privileged asshole around individuals in your industry). The shitstorm continues to rain down on the particular previous HelloFresh spokesmodel and red carpet snub-ee , Lea Michele , who, after a 7 days of being called out simply by former co-stars for racism , lovato and just common fuckery, is now standing offender of transphobia by design Plastic Martyr AND of contacting former co-worker and celebrity, Monica Moskatow , “ unattractive ”.

There really is nothing like a good impending global apocalypse that will manages to bring all the overpowered, oppressed memories to the yard. Plus that’ s exactly what’ s happening in the continuing saga that is Lea Michele’ s history of shitty behaviour. Let’ s break both of these separate incidents down one-by-one:

Plastic states on Instagram that Lea bullied her and produced her feel like a “ circus freak ” at the 2010 Emmy Awards (which would have already been just after the first season associated with Glee . Plastic, who at the time is at the early stages of moving, recalled an incident that will happened between the two of these when they crossed paths within the bathroom.

Plus on  Thursday, actor plus RuPaul’ t Drag Race queen, Willam , left a comment on Lea’ s most recent Instagram submit, claiming that she seemed to be an asshole to YOUR PET. Honestly, the list of people exactly who Lea hasn’ t already been a monster to is most likely shorter.

PLUS THAT’ S NOT ALL! Us Every week reports that will Monica also shared her very own horror story in the responses section of Instagram, this one regarding that time in 2009 when the girl was hired to perform as being a Rachel Berry lookalike in a high school party– – once again, around the time of the very first period of Joy.   And Cory Monteith , the future boyfriend of Lea, managed to swoop in plus save the day.

“ Sept 2009 I was hired to operate at the premiere party to get Glee at a high school. These people hired lookalikes of the displays characters to perform at the celebration. I was the Rachel Fruit lookalike, ” Monica stated.

“ I didn’ to know my character was your lead let alone who performed her, ” she carried on. “ When the actors attained the event and found out there was lookalikes of them Lea arrived searching for me. When the girl saw me she mentioned, ‘ oh my lord! Could they have picked somebody uglier! ’ ”

Moskatow wrote that Monteith “ saw the look on the face and said, ‘ don’ t listen to the girl she’ s just envious, you’ re beautiful. ’ ” She added, “ I never forgot that will. ”

It really is a pity that HelloFresh dissolved their particular working relationship with Lea the second those first claims came out because you know that she actually is terrified to leave the house to obtain groceries. By now, any associate she may have had provides probably quit. Hell, We wouldn’ t be amazed if, in a few days, her previous HelloFresh delivery driver arrived with a story about the period Lea chased him lower her driveway, throwing bruised bananas at him whilst shouting, “ Do you know who I am?

Pic : Wenn. com