Hmmm… here’s a bit of a mystery to suit your needs, just in time for Halloween night.

Hiker Holly Courtier was rescued through Zion National Park within Utah over the weekend, after becoming missing for nearly two weeks. A really miraculous account after way too long in the wilderness!

After the rescue, her girl Kailey Compartments told CNN:

“She injured her head on the tree. She was really disoriented as a result and fortunately ended up near a drinking water source — a water bed. She thought the girl best chance of survival had been to stay next to a drinking water source. … She had been too weak and disoriented . … The lady was unable to take greater than a step or two with no collapsing. This prevented the girl from being able to seek out assist. She told me she has been so dehydrated she could not open her mouth. ”

Harrowing but with a happy finishing. A real story of success.

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Yet the liaison for the local Sheriff’s Search & Rescue group, Sgt. Darrell Cashin , told ABC 4 Information that Chambers’ account has raised “discrepancies and questions that do not really add up. ” He mentioned that the Virgin River, exactly where she was found, is extremely toxic and undrinkable. He or she explained:

“If she had been consuming that water, unless the girl had some really higher immune system, she would’ve already been very, very ill plus probably unable to come out on her behalf own. She either required a lot of water with the girl or had another thoroughly clean water source that was close to here, but the Virgin Lake is not that source. ”

Cashin continued to say that if she’d taken river water, there was the “high possibility” she would have got quickly died — when she didn’t have any kind of water, she also could have died, within two or three times. Of the supposed head damage, he added:

“If we had discovered somebody in that condition with that type of severe head injury, we might have at minimum required a transport agency to check on her out. The fact that will didn’t happen tells me they did not find any substantial injury to her that would’ve prompted them to do that.. Bodily, she seemed to be in a situation that did not warrant a good ambulance and they felt had been comfortable to release her with her family to address. ”

Um, that will certainly doesn’t sound like somebody who was barely surviving for many days…

Further complicating matters further was the idea that Courtier was found just a half-mile away from the path where she was final spotted. Presumably, she might have heard when people “walked simply by yelling for her, ” Cashin proposed. He concluded:

“The claims that the family is offering and the statements that the recreation area is giving don’t calculate. Those are the types of queries I think everybody has. I believe the place where that question could be answered is with her. ”

These questions won’t yet become answered, as the 38-year-old continues to be checked into a mental service since her rescue. The girl sister Jamie Strong informed People that the story continues to be “twisted. ” She stated:

“She was very well aware of the particular toxins in the river. There is a statement made that will she said she setup camp because she desired to stay close to the river, yet we were never implying that will she drank the water. ”

Why her sister didn’t need emergency transport, Strong mentioned “adrenaline” fueling her “emaciated” sister. She shared:

“She has been very scared and traumatized, and she wanted to leave the particular park in my car beside me and my husband and the girl daughter, and we drove the girl straight to the emergency room, therefore things have just been twisted. ”

The lady continued:

“I really think she a new mental breakdown and had not been in the right state of mind whenever she decided to take this trip and not tell people exactly where she was going. ”

Exactly what really puts a distort on this story is the stage of the trip in the first place.

Strong explained that will her sister traveled towards the park as part of a “journey of fasting. ” Not just did she “not possess anything to eat or consume at all” during the girl 12 days in the recreation area, but she allegedly hadn’t eaten anything for days just before her trip, either.

So the malnourishment had been on purpose?!

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Her sibling chalked Courtier’s survival up to and including “miracle, ” but we need to admit, something definitely does not add up here. It really appears impossible she could have made it under the conditions her household is describing.

At the end of the day, though, the fact that she’s safe now is the most important thing, and when she’s in a mental service now, hopefully she is obtaining whatever help she requirements. We wish her the very best of luck in the girl healing.

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