It was The Hillsides closure we all needed!!

It is been a few years since Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port have caught up with each other, however they did just that on Tuesday’s episode of the With Whit podcast — and it has been just like old times within the Teen Style fashion wardrobe!

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But before these girls could discuss the present day, that they had something serious to hash out from their days subsequent The Hillsides . See, when Lauren decided to step back from the entire world of reality TV after 3 years on the MTV series, which usually came after her period on Laguna Beach within high school:

“I stopped filming then I just kind of needed the clean break for a moment to kind of emotionally recuperate. I took some time away from and then obviously moved away from L. A. ”

She exposed that she “did this as long as I could, ” after taking a step back from the television world, she realized it had been “such an off period. ”

It had been so unhealthy she needed to distance herself from the girl castmates entirely! She told her former TV bestie:

“It was one of those things exactly where I was like, ‘OK, nicely, this isn’t like a healthy room for me anymore. ’ I have to kind of, like, live my very own life and do this. We kind of, like, removed me personally from that whole picture. Really. ”

The former castmates and Teen Vogue interns also had a heart-to-heart moment in which Lauren managed to get clear to The City alum that she didn’t indicate to intentionally distance their self, sharing “it had absolutely nothing to do with you personally” — it was because of the cameras:

“It’s simply really being like, ‘OK, like I need to live my entire life. ’ I lived a particular way for so long and, such as, as much as I am appreciative and am love you and I love many people we’ve worked with, like, you understand, there is certain, like, harmful elements there and it is really hard. And I was like, ‘OK, I got to just like phase away from this world’ plus, like, kind of heal in such a way and, like, figure out who else I want to be. Because once again, like, we started therefore young and I was, such as, it’s such a time exactly where you’re figuring out who you are. And am did it in such a weird method. Like, I need to do this by myself now with no other sounds or just, like, literally residing my life for me. ”

All of us definitely saw those poisonous moments play out on TELEVISION!

She additional (below):

“I have so much really like in my heart for you. Plus, like, we shared this particular really, weird, unique factor. And I think it is — it is like old college buddies, you know, I’ll always remember you want that, and I’ll not have that with anybody otherwise. ”


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The Along with Whit sponsor responded:

“Like, totally. Like, no one really knows the items that we know. It’s just these types of roots that are always quite strong. And even when I’m speaking with you now, I’m like, ‘Oh, it feels totally normal. ’ Like, I’m just seated with you in that closet once again. So that feels really nice. ”

Let us hope that after the outbreak is over they can have an IRL reunion, and maybe bring their own kiddos along! Part 2 of their conversation drops Sept 29 btw, and we are incredibly here for it!

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Sep 22, 2020 twelve: 56pm PDT

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