Lana Del Rey wants to clear several things up about her questionable Instagram post.

As we documented, the Venice Bitch vocalist got major backlash whenever she shared a write-up venting about how “ woman writers and alt singers” repeatedly accuse her associated with glamorizing “ abuse” in the girl music , while additional female artists “ have experienced number ones with music about being sexy, putting on no clothes, f**king, infidelity etc . ”

What made the particular post particularly controversial was your fact that the artists Lana name dropped were mainly women of color, which includes Doja Kitty , Camila Cabello , Cardi B , Kehlani , Nicki Minaj , and Beyoncé — that was enough to set off Instagram ’ s racism alarm.

Properly, Lana responded to the repercussion with a series of comments on her behalf post and in her Instagram Stories , and she made it clear that will she only mentioned these singers because they’ lso are her “ favorite f**king people. ”  

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She wrote inside a series of comments:  

“ To be very clear because I knowwwwww you like to twist things. We f**king love these performers and know them. #that is why I mentioned them… I would also like to have a few of the same freedom of appearance without judgment of hysteria. There you go… In addition the singers I stated are my favorite singers if you want to try and make a bone fragments to pick out of that like you consistently do be my visitor, it doesn’ t replace the fact that I haven’ to had the same opportunity to show what I wanted to express without having to be completely decimated and if you would like to say that has something to do with competition that’ s your viewpoint but that’ s not really what I was saying. ”

LDR went on to deal with the racism claims, composing:

“ Brother. This is sad to make it in regards to a WOC issue when I’ m talking about my favorite vocalists. I could’ ve actually said anyone but I actually picked my favorite f**king individuals. And this is the problem with modern society today, not everything is all about whatever you want it to be. It’ s exactly the point associated with my post – there are particular women that culture doesn’ t want to have a tone of voice it may not have to do with competition I don’ t understand what it has to do with. I don’ t care anymore yet don’ t ever actually ever bro- contact me racist because which is bulls**t”

She determined her rant by composing:

“ Plus my last and last note on everything— after i said people who look like me— I meant the people which don’ t look solid or necessarily smart, or even like they’ re in charge etc . it’ s regarding advocating for a more sensitive personality, not for whitened woman— thanks for the Karen feedback tho. V helpful”

You can’ t become vague on the internet, gurl: individuals will always assume the most severe!

What do U think about Lana’ s response , Perezcious readers?