In the fight against systemic racism, there are going to be a few casualties people don’ to want to see go. While many icons of oppression are apparent — statues of Confederate leaders, monuments dedicated simply by racist organizations — you will find others you may not have actually noticed. Like  Female Antebellum ‘ h name.

For individuals who don’ t know, “ antebellum” is latin just for “ before the war, ” and it is used in the US in order to refer to the period in the Southern before the Civil War. This is a time marked by lavish mansions, gaudy gowns, as well as the ownership of people.

Yes, the two big variations between the South before and after the particular Civil War are the area’ s wealth and the legality of slavery. So romanticizing the “ antebellum” time period, in, say, your nation group’ s name, seems a lot like showing nostalgia regarding slavery.

That’ s why Lady Antebellum have decided to officially modify their name!

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After 14 years of tremendous success, multiple platinum information and millions of album product sales, the group is giving up their particular moniker to make sure they are no more hurting anyone. In an  Instagram announcement Thursday morning, they will wrote:

“ As a music group, we have strived for our songs to be a refuge… inclusive of all of. We’ ve watched plus listened more than ever these final few weeks, and our minds have been stirred with confidence, our eyes opened broad to the injustices, inequality plus biases Black women and men possess always faced and carry on and face everyday. Now, blindspots we didn’ t actually know existed have been uncovered. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ After a lot personal reflection, band debate, prayer and many honest discussions with some of our closest Dark friends and colleagues, we now have decided to drop the word “ antebellum” from our name plus move forward as Lady The, the nickname our enthusiasts gave us almost from the beginning. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ”

Lady A . This might sound a bit like a femme fatale in a James Bond porn parody, but tbh that’ s i9000 kinda great.

They also assured fans the particular origins of their original title had nothing to do with captivity:

“ When we set out jointly almost 14 years ago, all of us named our band following the southern “ antebellum” design home where we took our own first photos. As music artists, it reminded us of all of the music born in the southern that influenced us… The southern part of Rock, Blues, R& W, Gospel and of course Country. Yet we are regretful and uncomfortable to say that we did not consider the associations that weigh straight down this word referring to the time of history before The Civil Battle, which includes slavery. We are seriously sorry for the hurt it has caused and for anyone who has experienced unsafe, unseen or unvalued. Causing pain was by no means our hearts’ intention, however it doesn’ t change the undeniable fact that indeed, it did exactly that. So today, we talk up and make an alter. We hope you will dig within and join us. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ”

They also place their money where their own “ -ntebellum” is, guaranteeing to do some donating later on:

“ We feel like we’ve been Awakened, but this is only one step. There are countless a lot more that need to be taken. We want to learn better. We are committed to examining the individual and collective effect and making the necessary modifications to practice antiracism. We will carry on and educate ourselves, have tough conversations and search the particular parts of our hearts that require pruning— to grow into much better humans, better neighbors. Our own next outward step might be a donation to the Equal Proper rights Initiative through LadyAID. The prayer is that if we guide by example… with humbleness, love, empathy and action… we can be better allies to people suffering from spoken and unsaid injustices, while influencing our kids & generations to come. ”

Inside a comment on the post, the particular band responded to a common issue from fans — through full accountability. They published:

“ We understand that a lot of you may ask the question “ Why have you not produced this change until now? ” The answer is that we can create no excuse for our lateness to this realization. What we can perform is acknowledge it, convert from it and take action. ”

Talking about taking action, they aren’ t the only “ antebellum” being removed this week.

The newly formed  HBO Max announced they were removing  Gone With The Blowing wind from their collection of streaming films.

Gone With The Wind flow removed HBO Max (c) MGM/WENN

In the statement, a spokesperson described the film is “ a product of its time plus depicts some of the ethnic plus racial prejudices that have, regrettably, been commonplace in United states society. ” The issue is not really with the depiction of captivity and the Civil War, using what many critics have got noted seems to be a glorification of the era — as well as some caricatures of slaves.

As filmmaker  John Ridley wrote in a recent  LA Times op-ed:

“ This is a film that glorifies the particular antebellum south. It is a movie that, when it is not disregarding the horrors of captivity, pauses only to perpetuate one of the most painful stereotypes of people associated with color. ”

HBO Max mentioned:

“ These racist depictions were wrong then and they are wrong today, and we experienced that to keep this name up without an explanation and also a denouncement of those depictions will be irresponsible. ”

The streaming services has promised this will just be a temporary removal, as well as the film “ will come back with a discussion of its traditional context and a denouncement of these very depictions. ” We all assume as a special function? The spokesperson also confident everyone they had no programs to censor the movie, which will return “ because it was originally created, due to the fact to do otherwise would be the just like claiming these prejudices was never available. ”

Naturally , looking at our history is essential — we need to be able to determine right away when we see a harmful racist in a big white-colored house. What do YOU think about these types of changes??