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Guess what? A Kardashian recognized her birthday over the weekend! I understand, right? Since there are like 15 of them, a special event such as this only happens once each three weeks, so depend your lucky stars. Now the birthday girl had been Khloe Famous kardashian , who turned thirty six. Her billionaire poor-ass fraud of a younger sister, 22-year-old Kylie Jenner threw the girl a big birthday bash. Certainly every damn second had been documented on social media, as well as the result was equal components extravagant and horrifying. Plus yes, that scary portable nightmare (the one to the right) is supposed to be The model.  

First, we must talk about the guest list. Rob Kardashian   made a rare look, along with mom Kris Jenner, Kylie, Kendall Jenner,   plus Khloe’ s cheatin’ former mate, Tristan Thompson. Kourtney plus Kim Kardashian were not there, yet Kim’ s daughter Chicago West has been . Oo, family dilemma, or social distancing? The solution is: Who cares?

Here are the Kardashian-Jenner kids, including Kendall exactly who clearly didn’ t obtain the black sweats memo:

Khloe also submitted pics of her completely new face brunette look feet. at least a dozen filters plus some Photoshop to boot:

Meanwhile, Tristan continued to fawn over their ex/the mother to their girl, True Thompson:

Relaxed your boner, guy. Obviously Tristan realized basketball includes a shelf life and is frantically trying re-insert himself back to the Calabasas K-fold to obtain a life of soul-sucking Kelebrity and Kash.

And then there was the particular party itself:

Host Kylie clearly wanted to show everyone that even though she’ t not officially a billionaire anymore, she can still toss piles and piles associated with cash on stupid clips. BuzzFeed has all the pics , but decorations included cardboard boxes cutouts of Khloe, Khloe’ s face on cushions, thousands of pink balloons, plus, finally, the horror display posted above… a The model slide.

Once again, that shit’ s said to be Khloe, not Aja from Rupaul’ s Drag Competition . But maybe all of us shouldn’ t be therefore harsh. Khloe is a girl of a thousand faces. There’ s a very good chance one or more of them resembled that blow up slide at one time or another.

This isn’ capital t the first time Kylie invested in a huge blow-up face of a member of the family. She did the same thing with regard to daughter Stormi’ s 2nd birthday earlier this year. Obviously, Kylie knows a guy:

Yeesh, and after months associated with Stormi trying to repress that will shit! Now Auntie Koko’ s blow up face would be the one trying to swallow the girl in her nightmares. Sigh. I wonder if the Famous kardashian Second Generation of Children can get a disKount upon group therapy?

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