Kristin Cavallari is giving us ALL the particular tea!!

Although the momma of three has been producing headlines during the last few months because of her divided from husband Jay Cutler , it is actually her time upon Laguna Seaside putting the girl on our radar right now. Since you’ll obviously recall, prior to she starred on Very Cavallari , K-Cav was just a teenager living her life ahead of the MTV cameras — which usually she’ll be getting in front of once again very soon!!

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Within a no-holds-barred chat with Brett Gursky for Monday’s episode of  On The List podcast, the 33-year-old candidly spoke about television, her love life, THAT WILL Stephen Colletti pic, and much more!

Read on (below) for all the HIGHlights:

Going Back To The Starting

This has already been a year of mostly downs, but there is one shiny spot to look forward in order to! A reunion with the authentic cast members of Laguna Beach , including: Kristin, Stephen, Lauren Conrad , Lo Bosworth , Trey Phillips , Talan Torriero , Deiter Schmitz , Morgan Olsen , Loren Polster , and Christina Sinclair is on the way!

The Uncommon James founder said of the pre-filmed get-together:

“That’s the first time that we have many been together since senior high school, since we stopped recording, and so it was really good to find out everybody. And it was enjoyable. We played a consuming game, we answered enthusiast questions and just kind of reminisced about the show and every thing. And then we’re all about this group email and later on everybody was like, ‘I enjoy you, it was so good to find out everybody! ‘”

But don’t anticipate any “drama, drama, crisis, drama! ” According to Kristin, there was only love to distribute:

“I feel like that group of people—it was the cast of time of year one—so I think more than anyone else, we will always be therefore bonded and so connected simply because we all experienced that with each other at the same time that nobody otherwise will ever understand, therefore it was cool to see everyone. ”

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The Is situated Of Reality TV

Speaking of Laguna Beach … it is no secret that television is not always so real when editing starts. As a three-time “reality” superstar, she’s no stranger in order to how things can change after the cameras are off:

“Editing has been very heavily involved. Once they had me and just a few girlfriends walking down the street, and they also were filming us strolling, and then they had a maker on the other side of the street, and so they were like, ‘Look at her when you pass the girl. ’ I’m like ‘Ok. ’ And the producer can be making these faces in us. So I was like, ‘Oh my god, look at the girl face. ’ So they make it seem like I’m discussing Lauren . Like this kind of stuff. Lauren has been never over there. I used to be never talking about Lauren. However when you watch it and you do not understand all that stuff. ”

Amazing, that seems WAY offsides, even for reality TV edits! She remembered:

“They used to have all of us do ‘wild lines’ as well. So , we’d go in a good audio booth and just report lines to make their tale make sense. And you’re such as, ‘Ok, sure. ’ At this point I’d be like, ‘I’m not really saying that. ‘”

We hope no your world is shattered right here!

“Stepheeeen!!! ”

Before the reunion with the whole 2005 crew, Cavallari posted the Instagram pic noticed ’round the world: a VERY comfortable snap with her previous flame, Mr. Colletti. Provided her recent separation, the girl “knew” it would cause a mix, but didn’t expect how large of a reaction it really created:

“I knew it was likely to create a little commotion, I actually didn’t know to what level. That’s my most loved photo on Instagram actually. More than my kids. More than everything in my life. That picture with Stephen. Which is great. I mean, I think it’s actually neat that people are still therefore invested and it really requires people back to that time. And after that of course everyone was like, ‘Oh my god, are they back again together? ’ I love Stephen, I’ve always loved Stephen, and clearly, you know, fifteen years later we’re nevertheless really good friends. ”

But you can find sadly no sparks traveling between them (right now):

“I introduced my kids to Laguna Seaside, I saw a lot of people, I did not just see Stephen. Therefore it was a really fun vacation, but that’s all there is certainly to it. ”


Whilst there might not be any love happening between herself plus Stephen, are there sparks associated with another kind with Miz Conrad?! Of her previous foe, Cavallari said:

totally fine. I believe so much time has passed and exactly what we went through was therefore silly and it was therefore high school, I’m pretty sure we are both over it at this point. ”

Lauren also recently made amends along with Whitney Port , and thought they were still close friends to this day! So we’d need to imagine that things are all great between these two now, too.

Not too Ready To Mingle…

Needless to say, there’s a LOT happening in her life at this time, and that doesn’t mean the lady exactly has the time to time! After being spotted smooching comic Jeff Dye , the girl clarified:

“Here’s what I’m carrying out right now. I’m going through the divorce, obviously. I’m putting me personally first. I mean, my kids will be first, but beyond my children, I’m making myself important right now. I don’t want anything…I’m not ready to jump in to a relationship, I’m not. I am taking care of me and I am figuring out ultimately what I am going to want in life, plus I’m going through the movements and the process of figuring that out. ”

Instead, she’s centered on staying true to herself most importantly:

“I’m not following in anybody’s footsteps, I’m creating my very own path. And I’m keeping true to who I am. I have always been very authentic plus I’ve never come to the particular table with an agenda or even tried to be somebody that I am not. And I truly believe that’s the only reason why I am still around so many yrs later. Because people understand that they’re going to get that will from me. I’m really honest, I’m blunt, Really dont have a filter. ”

And that is just what we love regarding her!!

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