Kristin Cavallari and The writer Cutler want to get through their divorce jointly!

As we reported, the Laguna Beach alum and the previous NFL star announced their particular plans to divorce right after 10 years together earlier this particular month. Although their combined public statement appeared to be beneficial enough, it was said that items between them were tense behind the scenes , with K. Cav apparently “ blindsided” by the ex-athlete’ s sudden filing.

Nicely, stress or not , the exes are now apparently putting apart their differences so they can solve their divorce in a municipal manner.

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An insider told E! News :

“ So far as the divorce is concerned, the girl and Jay are starting to operate through things more amicably. They are working on valuing every thing out right now. The home property are the easy part. ”

The not-so-easy component? Figuring out how to factor in the particular Uncommon Wayne retail stores the fact star opened up pre-pandemic.  

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The source described:

“ The problem is that she had opened up brick and mortar Uncommon James shops before the pandemic hit, therefore it is really unclear what will take place with them and how to calculate that will into the assets, so that will host the divorce being finished for some time… She has one particular in Nashville and one opened up in Chicago in late 2019. They are also working through Jay’ s NFL pension plus retirement as well. The outbreak really threw a wrench tool in getting this done expediently, it’s going to months and months prior to the divorce is finally solved. ”

The insider went on to explain why Kristin decided to pull the plug on her reality display Very Cavallari , sharing:

“ Kristin felt like it had been a good time to focus on what is following for her. She and The writer have always agreed to not need the kids featured on the show, so when they did appear the always from the back. Today with the divorce, there actually isn’ t much of a display left to do… In addition, she really wants to take care of the girl life and her loved ones, and get settled in the girl new situation, and including any kind of filming schedule in addition to that also did not make sense on her. ”  

Is sensible!

Ideally, Kristin and Jay — who share kids Camden Jack Cutler , Jaxon Wyatt Cutler , and Saylor James Cutler — could possibly get through this situation as quickly plus painlessly as possible.