Can Kristen Bell plus Dax Shepard just embrace us all? Seriously, these two currently have this cool parenting matter on lock!

Because you’ re likely conscious, the adorable couple stocks two daughters together, Lincoln , seven, and Delta , 5, and have uncovered the young ladies are  really maintaining them on their toes using of this extended family period at home during the quarantine.

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While appearing remotely upon Thursday’ s episode of  The Late Display with Stephen Colbert , the  Good Location   actress contributed a hilarious story regarding an uncomfortable question her firstborn asked when she plus her husband were wanting to sneak away for some personal alone time.

If your mind is in the particular gutter right now, you’ lso are not alone! That’ s where exactly Lincoln’ s mind proceeded to go when her parents mentioned they were stepping out for the hike one afternoon. Bell recalled:

“ We attempted to steal away for a walk the other day. My sister has been here watching the kids. All of us masked up and we had been like, ‘ Oh, we’ ll just walk over the streets. There’ s an excellent hike near our house. ‘”

OKAY, here’ s where details got really interesting:

“ And on our way out the doorway, my 7-year-old stood within the door and she held this open. She goes, ‘ Uh, are you going to do a sexual intercourse? ‘”

LOLz! Oh man, the saying is so true! Children really do say the darndest things! She continued:

“ It caught us simply by surprise. We’ ve spoken to her about what sex is usually, but she’ s certainly not, we’ ve never discussed us doing it. ”

But that’ s when Shepard chimed in with a reply that wasn’ t exactly a father joke! She quipped:

“ Dax just really rapidly said, ‘ We’ g love to, but it’ s i9000 illegal publicly. Bye! ’ and closed the door. ”

GEEZ! We can only imagine the appearance on their daughter’ s encounter at that moment. During her talk to Colbert, Kristen laughed everything off, but heck, who’ s to say they haven’ t considered that risqué move at some point? Just not during the middle of a worldwide pandemic, though!

Aside from that amusing moment, the 40-year-old celebrity has always been transparent about getting “ the talk” along with her kids.

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In March, she told audience on the Motherly Podcast precisely why it’ s important for the girl children to be fully advised when it comes to sex. At the time, the girl said:

“ I do really feel strongly about that… That can compare with wrong with knowing how your penis works and how the vaginal area works. ”

The Bad Moms star added:

“ I simply don’ t understand the United states shame in that. In fact , I believe it equips them to realize pregnancy way better. The particular agency they have over their health to say, ‘ Oh yeah, this is the way it works… Daddy includes a penis, mommy has a vaginal area. Here’ s how functions. And here’ s fault daddy’ s DNA as well as the part of mommy’ s GENETICS that grows you like the seed. ’ And by the way, they’ re so bored from the second sentence. ”

Well, depending on this story it sounds such as they didn’ t melody everything out, now, do they? Ha!

WATCH Kristen share almost everything in her own words, which includes what else their family members has going on at home nowadays in the full clip (below):