The amount of bad bloodstream between Knight in shining armor Charles plus Princess Diana was sufficient to fuel a Ryan Murphy show, but can the future King of Britain really be so callous concerning speak badly about their ex-wife right after her dying?

According to Robert Lacey ’s new book Battle of Siblings: The Inside Story of a Household in Tumult , the solution is an unfortunate yes.

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Per the particular book, in the immediate consequences of Diana’s passing, the girl brother Charles, 9th Earl Spencer , apparently found himself combating the heir to the tub on his sister’s behalf — particularly over her kids Princes Harry and William walking in her memorial procession.

Based on Lacey:

“Spencer felt quite sure Diana would have been terrified at the idea of her kids having to endure such an challenge. He had already told Charles as much. … had ended using the earl slamming down the cell phone on his brother-in-law after Charles had made a particularly unpleasant comment about Diana. ”

Naturally , this report is unconfirmed by Spencer or the regal family, but if true, it is unbelievably cold. To make a good “offensive comment” about someone’s recently deceased sister, not to mention your ex-wife and the mom of your children!? That’s simply low, Charles!

The book did not state what the rude comment had been but continued:

“Prince Charles experienced no doubt that he should stroll the long route with his sons beside your pet. But Uncle Charles Bradzino did not agree. He had been angry on his family’s part that his sister’s funeral service had been hijacked into a regal occasion, and he was especially opposed to the idea that his younger nephews should have to stroll the best part of a mile at the rear of their mother’s coffin with the streets. ”

In his recollection from the event years later meant for Newsweek, Harry was obviously deeply affected by it. This individual said:

“My mother had simply died, and I had to stroll a long way behind her coffin, surrounded by thousands of individuals watching me while thousands more did on television. Really dont think any child ought to be asked to do that, under any circumstances. Really dont think it would happen nowadays. ”

Poor princes!

Elsewhere in the book, Lacey wrote that being “ damaged by way of an upbringings ” resulted in the eventual rift between the Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex. While the passing away of their mother was definitely a foundational trauma for your young princes, living lifestyle in the royal spotlight displayed plenty of other challenges — even, sadly, by Diana’s own hand.

Another excerpt details just how their mother fired their particular beloved nanny, Barbara “Baba” Barnes . Barnes was like a “surrogate mother” to the boys, produces Lacey, caring for them continuously and teaching them to “walk, talk and read. ” But when Diana sense the lady was becoming “too possessive, ” she terminated the particular caretaker and forbade Barnes from ever contacting the girl sons again. For Bill and Harry, it was as though Barnes had “vanished in to thin air. ”

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Lacey wrote:

“Following the death associated with Diana in 1997, individuals remarked on how well the 2 young princes reacted towards the unjust and unexpected associated with a mother figure using their lives — surprised, confused and distraught though these were. ”

In Lacey’s opinion, it had been because the siblings “had just a little practice” with such a reduction.

How heartbreaking! We can’t help yet feel for the princes — it’s clear why they are so protective of their own kids today.

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