In case you didn’t know, Kit Harrington aka Jon Snow is on April Fools’ and decided to pull a prank on his fiancee Rose Leslie. What he didn’t realize was that Leslie doesn’t do April Fools’. Harrington’s prank was so savage and poor Leslie’s reaction says it all.  

On a recent episode of The Jonathan Ross Show Harrington shared a short clip that shows Leslie’s reaction to his cruel prank. “My family does April Fools’,” Harington said. “Her family doesn’t do April Fools’. So, it didn’t go so well.”

On the morning of April Fools day, Leslie went to the kitchen to get some water. As she opened the refrigerator, she saw something inside and fell to the ground crying. 

This is what he hid in the fridge: 

Harrington shared that she’s not a fan on pranks and warned him to never do anything like that again. “She pretty much told me if I did it ever again, that would be it. And I think that’s marriage included,” Harington said.

Check out the video below.

(Source: Bored Panda)