Along with early voting underway plus less than a month left prior to the general election on Nov 3, yet another celebrity provides bravely (read: stupidly) turn out in support of re-electing Donald Trump for president. *Sigh*

The latest endorsement comes from Regards actress Kirstie Alley , who took to Twitter upon late Saturday night plus shocked fans with the girl message of support for that Republican Party’s nominee. The lady tweeted:

“I’m voting for @realDonaldTrump because he’s NOT a politician. I voted for your pet 4 years ago for this reason plus shall vote for your pet again for this reason. He will get things done quickly and will turn the economic climate around quickly. There you might have it folks there you might have it. ”

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See (below):

Wow. It’s actually a very important thing the 69-year-old let supporters know that she previously identified for DJT in 2016 because if we didn’t understand any better, we’d think it was a backdated message! You understand, from a time when some individuals foolishly had hopes he’d “make America great again” instead of the actual dumpster fireplace he helped it turn out to be? Considering how badly Trump’s administration has handled the particular ongoing coronavirus pandemic amongst many other pressing issues the country is facing these days, she can’t be seriously interested in him getting things accomplished “quickly, ” can the lady?

And that little bit about him not as being a politician… WTF? Gurl, we all know! He’s a washed-up television star who was never skilled for the job in the first place! That will isn’t some badge associated with honor, either — it is f**king sad.

It didn’t take really miss fuming social media users in order to shade Alley for her politics preference. One angry consumer wrote:

“Kirstie Alley is an fool. An idiot okay along with racism. She is a ridiculous person who has not endeavored to be any smarter. She is the epitome of the freedom of both whiteness plus wealth. The problem isn’t Kirstie Alley’s words. The problem is Kirstie Alley. ”

Another follower mentioned the ridiculousness behind Alley’s logic for not wanting to choose a politician as Leader:

“Kirstie Alley prefers Trump as President due to the fact he’s not a politician. I am aware totally, because I’ll just ride in a car when the person driving it does not have a license and let somebody operate on me if they did not go to med school. ”

One user named Timothy Dunn described a previous horror story about providing Kirstie alley years ago in a restaurant, which racked upward thousands of likes and motivated countless others to research old, bad stories regarding the Look Who is Talkin g alum:

Okay, we will admit. That last one particular comes off like fat-shaming and that’s completely unwanted to make your point regarding her unfortunate support meant for Trump. We’re a lot more part to filmmaker Judd Apatow ‘s witty jab that SAMT Cheers fans will likely value:

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Following the repercussion, Kirstie returned to the system later that evening in order to pout over the slew associated with “nasty” comments that were hurled at her:

“Don’t think I have ever seen so much name-calling in my life. Definitely not upon my site here in any case I guess I’m not allowed to get a viewpoint without being called a very nasty names by what I am going to suppose are really awful people. ”

In a follow-up twitter update, she encouraged like-minded followers to “stick to your guns” in the face of… people legally calling you out for assisting a racist, bigot, mislead?! We mean, sure. When that’s what you’re straight into! She wrote:

“Stick to your weapons. Not always easy to be below fire but always simpler than going against your own personal integrity. & JUST REMEMBER: if this takes thousands to try & bring u down, you have to be one powerful Mfer Love wins”

See (below):

Perezcious readers, perform U think people were getting too harsh?? Or are these claims just what you should expect once you speak up in support of this kind of polarizing figure in this politics climate? We alluded this to it earlier, but we will say it again: this particular whole thing is beyond unsatisfactory!

Sound AWAY FROM with your thoughts on all of this (below) in the comments.

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