Millions of homeless dogs live an extremely poor life and it gets even worse when they have babies who don’t get to experience a good life and love. Sadly, lack of food and care leads to many puppies dying. But thanks to rescue teams like Hope For Paws who work day and night to save homeless animals. This particular rescue is extraordinary because it happened on the day of the funeral of Lisa M Ashe, one of the members of Hope For Paws. Few minutes after the funeral, the team received a message about 8 puppies in need of rescue. The puppies were living in a cave next to a train station but the mother was nowhere to be found. The team lured the puppies with some cheeseburger. The team easily picked up one of the puppies that seemed calm. But the remaining puppies were so terrified that they retrieved back into the cave. This was one of the hardest rescues I’ve ever seen. The man had to crawl into the cave to bring out all the puppies one at a time. The puppies were wailing as they had never been touched by humans before. Their determination and patience is truly commendable. “This video is in memory of our dear friend and rescuer: Lisa M Ashe,” they wrote on Youtube. Check out the incredible rescue in the video below.  


(Source: Hope For Paws/Youtube)