Now that Khloé Kardasian and Tristan Thompson have been in full couples costume setting, it may be hard to remember those many months where these were playing coy about their particular relationship status.

Even before they were officially “back on, ” pregnancy gossips swirled around the on-again, off-again pair. And those rumors haven’t subsided now that True ’s mom and dad are making it work — all of us imagine they’ve only got worse!

KoKo looked absolutely STUNNING (and svelte) in her Hatshepsut getup for the family outfit, but some people are hard to persuade, even with photographic evidence. Following the photos were posted on the web, one Tweets user discussed:

“Idc I’m still convinced @khloekardashian is going to tell us in a few months that she’s pregnant”

Not surprisingly for the Queen of the Clapback, the Great American originator had the perfect response:

“Well the abs say otherwise babe”


You have heard that hips do not lie — well abdominal muscles don’t either!

The fact star was a lot much less polite about shutting lower false pregnancy stories in May. At the time she messaged:

“I don’t go on social media systems much these days AND this is among the main reasons why I avoid. The sick and harmful things people say. We are disgusted by so many things We are seeing. SMH people vow they know everything regarding me. Including my womb. Sick. The nasty items you’re saying about me personally are over A RUMOR. You will find seen so many hurtful/despicable tales and tweets about me personally over a false story. And when it were true.. it is MY LIFE, NOT YOURS. ”

We will definitely wait for official phrase if and when Khlo goes for Child No . 2!

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Nov 03, 2020 seventeen: 25pm PDT

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