Kevin Hart has found themself in hot water once again… and he’ s clapping back at critics just like he or she did last time , too!

These times, it all centers on a laugh in his new Netflix special, plus he’ s being associated with disrespecting Black women and becoming generally misogynistic with his subjects of choice. The special, “ Zero F**ks Given, ” is currently streaming on the assistance.

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In the center of the debate the following is this joke (below), where the 41-year-old standup comedian plus movie star calls his 15-year-old daughter “ a hoe” for liking multiple children:

“ A week goes by, ‘ Father, I don’ t such as Rob no more. ’ I love this boy named Bernard. ’ Instantly, in my brain, I said, ‘ The daughter a hoe. This really is hoe shit. This is hoe shit. Hoe activity correct in front of my face. ‘”


Social media rumblings had been critical of the laugh ever since the special arrived earlier this month, yet things really blew upward this week when Hart continued the new social network Club to talk to followers and answer questions. Throughout the conversation, he was reprehended by a number of women to the network for the joke, that they called out as sexist.

In protection mode, then, Hart clapped back at his experts and accused them associated with wanting to see his problem — even going as long as to reference Hannibal Buress ‘ t infamous 2014 comedy display in which he called Bill Cosby a rapist and compared his own plight to that associated with Cosby, brought down within shame! Wait, WTF?!

You can hear everything melt down during the good appearance on the social network within the video (below), with the great stuff starting a little bit following the 7: 30 mark:

Quickly, Hart’ s bad Clubhouse encounter transitioned over to Tweets , where people were NOT REALLY afraid to call out there the comedian.

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Here are just some of the clapbacks shot Hart’ s way after he or she appeared to defend Cosby plus liken his own plight to that particular of the disgraced former comic and sitcom star:


Hart tried to sustain a professional veneer about the event, and tweeted his own a reaction to the Clubhouse incident as well as the “ hoe” joke (below):

Yet that didn’ t long lasting.

On Fri, Hart took to his Instagram accounts to address the controversy head-on, and called out their critics while trying to contextualize the joke without apologizing for it. At one stage in the video, he stated (below):

“ We gotta quit. Stop with the false story, it’ s a fake narrative that’s being produced. If you were in the Club and a part of the conversation, this particular wasn’ t about Dark women. It wasn’t regarding me going against Dark. The question was asked about the particular joke about my girl and me referencing the daughter having hoe-like action. I gave an answer into it. Here’s what it is, guys: I’ m not calling our daughter a hoe, I’ m saying what the lady did is hoe-like action. I called three previous hoes I know and questioned them, ‘ Is this hoe-like activity? ’ … Cease with the false narratives as well as the click bait and the back-and-forth. ”

Like, he actually called the girl a “ hoe” within the punchline of the joke, however OK…

Anyhow, you can see Hart’ s complete response right here:

Yeah, it’ s pretty clear which is not an apology! We obtain that part loud plus clear!

Yet should it have been?

What do U believe, Perezcious readers?! Sound AWAY FROM about all of this in the remarks down (below)…

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